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Rexel IPG Tops Customer Expectations for Big Builds with Quickbase

Rexel International Projects Group needed a better way to manage large capital projects on time and under budget. Using Quickbase, the company was able to drive more consistent projects with less time and effort.


  • Lack of central collaboration system for managing complex multimillion dollar construction projects
  • Reliance on phone calls and emails was not efficient enough to keep projects on time


  • Quickbase flexible project management
  • Fast replication of customizable Quickbase apps deployed to each new customer
  • Customized project portals to keep all stakeholders on the same page
  • Custom permissions to allow instant access to the only the right information


  • More consistent project delivery with less time and effort
  • Better management of materials supply chain
  • Faster time to value for both Rexel IPG and its customers
  • Ability to take on even larger projects

The Challenge

As part of a leading electrical distributor and services provider, Rexel International Projects Group (IPG) helps customers execute large capital projects on time and on budget. To support highly-complex projects across the globe each representing at least a $250 million of investmentRexel IPG needed a better way to coordinate the delivery of electrical products across a widely-distributed group of stakeholders. Relying on emails and phone calls was inefficient as stakeholders, including buyers, engineers, materials managers, and electricians, operated in multiple time zones.

"We're specialists in 'promise keeping' and our job is to make sure that we have the right processes in place to satisfy our customers," says Steve List, Bid and Execution Center Leader at Rexel IPG. "To further improve customer service and satisfaction we needed a better and more productive way to conduct business."

The Solution

Turning bids into business is one of the key functions of List's team. The other is to respond quickly to customer inquiries, provide technical documents to engineers, and work closely with materials managers to ensure electricians have everything they need during the construction process. To operate as efficiently as possible, the team elected to build custom project management apps on the Quickbase platform. Quickbase had proven to be a reliable solution for other parts of the company, and List liked that anyone with spreadsheet skills and a good idea could build a great Quickbase app.

"Our first app enabled us to contribute to the successful construction of a $20 billion-dollar power chemical complex," says List. "And it became the foundation for the template we now clone and customize for each customer."

The Benefits

The most immediate benefit of using Quickbase for project management is time savingsboth for the internal project team and for the customer's team. List says his team spends "much less" time on the phone or sending emails because customers and internal stakeholders have all the information they need in their Quickbase app. The solution also speeds time to value for Rexel IPG's customers since they can quickly ramp up on a Quickbase app that's been customized to include their preferred terminology. In addition, Quickbase provides security through granular permissions for all users and standardization of data for import into the company's core ERP system greatly reducing the risk of manual errors in data entry.

"I enjoy thinking of new ways to help our customers achieve their project goals, and Quickbase is right there with me," says List. "We continue to learn and grow as we develop our Quickbase solution and we're using it to support larger, more extensive projects."