Paradise Energy Solutions Helps People Harness the Power of the Sun with Quickbase

Paradise Energy Solutions Helps People Harness the Power of the Sun with Quickbase

Paradise Energy Solutions needed a better way to track and manage its growing business — from assets to employees, customers and more. Quickbase gave the company an efficient, flexible platform for solving multiple challenges and driving project efficiency.


  • Siloed systems and scattered processes impacted productivity
  • Installation details, maintenance schedules, and production warranties difficult to track manually
  • Reporting challenges from disparate spreadsheets in many formats


  • Quickbase as a platform for managing system lifecycle management, asset management, calibrating equipment, knowledge share, and more
  • One central place to track, manage, and report on jobs, customer communications, and maintenance
  • Fast customization process that keeps technology up to speed with the business


  • Dashboards put actionable, up-to-the-minute information in to the right hands
  • Custom reports that help management gain greater visibility to optimally lead the business
  • New ways to drive more value to customers

The Challenges

Paradise Energy Solutions (PES) of Paradise, PA is a family-owned business with roots in the agricultural community and a deep appreciation for the role the sun plays in farming life. The company was founded in 2009 to help farmers reduce operating costs by tapping into this clean, renewable power source.

PES soon grew into one of the mid-Atlantic region's leading providers of solar energy systems for farmers as well as businesses and home owners. As the company grew, it became increasingly difficult to track and manage the business across its five branches all handling data and processes in different ways.

"We had lots of disjointed information and spent too much time trying to bridge the gap with spreadsheets," says Roger Landis, Controller for PES. "Quickbase gave us a way consolidate data and standardize processes with custom apps we could build ourselves."

The Solution

Using Quickbase as a platform for solving multiple business challenges, PES created a suite of solutions to support many critical processes. The solutions built on Quickbase centralize business data in an easy-to-access cloud tool and streamline processes. Quickbase APIs also enable the team to integrate data from other systems such as the company's CRM software.

Employees across the company can more efficiently track, manage, and report on every stage of a job from installations and permits to warranty work and current owners. And every app in the Quickbase ecosystem can be easily updated to support evolving user and business needs. Employees are encouraged to make requests that help make the tools even more helpful to them.

"We're committed to this system and empowering people with it," says Landis. "The idea is to give every user the feeling that if they need an improvement, it can in most instances, be done on the spot."

The Benefits

At PES, replacing spreadsheets with dashboards has turned frustration into facilitation. Having everything in one place has made project managers' jobs much easier. They can each drive 10 to 20 concurrent jobs with at-a-glance access to every detail and keep tasks on schedule and branch managers in the loop with automated alerts, notifications, and reports. All of this leads to a better customer experience and faster service.

By putting branch data that once lived across a multitude of spreadsheets into a single Quickbase repository, Landis and his team can now provide leadership with timely reports capable of shining a spotlight on any aspect of the business. The company is now better able to spot potential problems before they happen and drive more efficient project delivery.

"Recently our president told me how happy he was with Quickbase," says Landis. "He said that what we are able to do with this platform, and the value we get out of it, far surpasses what his past employer was able to achieve with a multi-million dollar ERP system."