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Team training in office
Distributing Data with Reports
Leverage the many reporting features to deliver the right data to the right users.
Pipelines QB laptop
Getting Started with Pipelines
Learn how to use pipelines to enhance the capabilities of your Quick Base and third-party apps. Join Chantelle and Sam as they build their first pipelines.
Instructor with class at monitor
Customizing App and Table Home Pages
Create dynamic and engaging home pages for your app and individual tables.
Pipelines Channels
Build Powerful Pipelines Using included Features
Take your pipelines to the next level by harnessing functionality such as conditional statements, record linking, buckets, and jinja expressions.
Man Attending Seminar
Using Relationships to Solve Complex Problems
A key concept, understanding how to leverage relationships will boost the efficiency of the Apps you design.
(1hr 14min)
Instructor At Whiteboard
Introduction to Developing Quick Base Apps
This course describes key concepts and guides you through creating your first app.
Quick Base Dashboard
Distributing Data with Enhanced Reports
Build effective reports to present the data your users expect.
Focus Group
All Levels
Planning Your App
This course discusses the best practices around planning your Quick Base app.
Coworkers using Quick Base Import
Gaining Efficiency through Formulas
Formulas are a powerful tool to help automate and configure applications to be most effective.
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All Levels
Mapping Your Business Process
This course discusses how you investigate and map your business processes so that you can capture what you need to build successful Quick Base apps.
Group Learning Session
Maximizing Forms
Build and customize forms to control how data is captured by your app.
Man elearning in study
All Levels
Modeling Your App
In this course you will learn what a data model is as well as how to create one.
Team training in office
Managing your Apps with Roles
Securing and controlling access to your data is critical.
Team Takes Tutorial
All Levels
Resources prepared by our Best Practice Consultants to support app builder success.
Woman with headset in office
Working with Automations
Learn about the basic components of an automation as well as how to create them.
IT professional working on an emergency response app
Building an App - Start with Tables and Fields
This course walks you through the fundamental steps of creating an app from scratch.
Web collaboration home office
Advanced Use of Formulas
Automating your workflow with formulas is a very effective way to add efficiency to your processes.
(2hrs 13min)
Instructor At Whiteboard
Building an App - Adding Relationships
Create relationships between tables to efficiently manage and report on your data.
Woman Taking Notes At Computer
API Boot Camp
This course presents the core knowledge needed to leverage Quick Base APIs.
Low Code Builder
Building User Friendly Forms
Customizing your data entry forms will enhance your end user experience and drive the success of your app.
Remote Learning
Introduction to Webhooks
This course provides an introduction to webhooks and examples of where and how to use them within Quick Base.

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"The training was invaluable. It helped me to understand with more clarity how I can use Quick Base to reach our customers better, as well as give them more options to communicate and share data with us."
James CondonBusiness Process Manager, Boston Scientific
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