Take control of user management, app governance, and data integrity

Quickbase makes it easy to unlock the potential of your entire workforce to build apps, while also ensuring compliance with governance policies and maintaining a secure environment.

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Protect your data

When it comes to security, Quickbase has a proven track record spanning over 20 years. Serving the majority of the Fortune 100, we use industry-leading encryption to protect your most sensitive data. And our platform has been evaluated through third-party audits, so you don’t need to take our word for it.

Drive strategic innovation

Accelerate project delivery by giving business users a safe and secure environment to build their own apps. Empower your entire workforce to drive your business forward, while giving IT the oversight they need to keep everything in check.

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Stay in compliance

Quickbase provides the visibility and control that IT needs to ensure that you’re staying in compliance with corporate governance policies and legal regulations. Gain peace of mind by controlling user access, reviewing account activity, and performing data scans.

Admin capabilities you can count on

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Data backup and recovery

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Single sign-on via SAML


Granular, field-level permissions

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Audit logs

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Network access control with IP filtering

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Application sandbox and versioning


Advanced performance tools

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AI-powered data scanner

We had the issue of our data being difficult to access, needing to control access to relevant information for the entire organization for fear that someone would mistakenly edit an excel sheet. Now [with Quickbase], we can set permissions to host all the information in one place and give folks access to what they need.
Julia DeNamur
Data Analyst, Digital Services, UnidosUS

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, Quickbase provides SAML-based single sign-on as well as automatic group provisioning/de-provisioning via SCIM.

Quickbase protects data at rest using envelope encryption with AES-256 encryption keys. Data in transit is encrypted via TLS (v1.2 or higher).

Account admins control who may create new applications and integrations. Application admins have fine-grained control over what data each individual user sees, down to the field level.