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Streamline workflows and simplify operations at scale with Quickbase, the app-building platform built around your business.

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Custom applications, tailored to your dynamic work needs

By creating custom applications to manage your most complex projects, you'll eliminate the need for ad-hoc solutions, repetitive manual tasks, and other forms of Gray Work — all without needing to know how to code.
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Unlock the potential of your workforce

Quickbase is built to empower business innovators. People from across your entire organization can create custom applications as the need arises, to streamline the capture and management of critical information for complex projects and business operations.

With Quickbase, your team can plan, test, and implement ideas and applications without traditional barriers.

Build, refine, and extend applications as needed

Quickly adapt to changing business requirements with the added ability to quickly refine and extend applications as needed.

The only constant in the business world is change. New opportunities appear. New competitors begin gaining ground. And new rules and regulations are passed. If you’re not adapting in real-time to the dynamics of your market, you’re falling behind.

That’s why Quickbase is designed to make it easy to build and update your applications as needed. Add new fields, update user permissions, and write up a new report in just a few clicks.

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Empower employees to build their own applications

Quickbase supports dynamic workflows by helping you prioritize the most important work items your team needs to complete. Bake in exceptions to your standard workflow as needed, using intuitive point-and-click tools.

With the Quickbase platform, you can boost productivity and streamline workflows by empowering your teams to build applications that will support their specific tasks and goals.

Deliver results fast with automated processes

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Intuitive no-code visual builder

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Intelligent AI capabilities for smarter apps

Lightning-fast data processing built on high-speed relational database

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Ease of data collection with forms & reports automatically generated

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Wide range of pre-built template apps to get you started faster

Robust excel-like formula language for speed and accuracy

G2 badge for Leader, Fall 2023
G2 badge for users most likely to recommend for enterprises, Fall 2023
Quickbase is in the Top 50 of Development Products for 2024 from G2
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Quickbase is in the Top 50 of Project Management Products for 2024 from G2
Shortlisted in Capterra

Eliminate Gray Work with apps custom to your business

Frequently asked questions

Quickbase offers many ways to get started – like building with AI, our visual builder, or importing a spreadsheet. You can have your first app ready to go in days or weeks. Then you can tweak and build on that foundation quickly as your colleagues start trying things out and giving feedback.

Yes, we have many sample template applications to inspire you. Or you can install a template and customize it for your specific needs.

Quickbase comes with data storage included, so there is no hosting infrastructure to purchase or manage separately. Simply invite users to a Quickbase app and it is live!