Become a Quickbase Advocate

Explore the best ways to get involved and show some Quickbase love. Showcase your expertise, share your story, and earn perks for promoting the Quickbase platform!

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Write a review

Write a review on G2 or TrustRadius to share your honest feedback for Quickbase to help others like you make better buying decisions.

Perk: Receive a $25 Amazon Gift Card as a thank you for sharing your opinion.

Be a reference for Quickbase

Share what it’s like to use Quickbase with other professionals in your industry. Fill out the survey to become a customer reference for prospective customers.
Perk: Receive a $25 eGift certificate every time you complete a 30-min reference call.

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Share your success story

How has Quickbase impacted you? Whether you’ve streamlined a complex project, connected data and systems in your organization, provided a better experience to your clients and partners, or advanced your career, we want to hear how you use Quickbase to make an impact.
Perk: $50-100 eGift once story is published.

Become a Qrew Champion

The Qrew Champion Program is a destination for our most invested community members to earn rewards and recognition for acts of advocacy and community leadership, working their way up to the status of Qrew Champion. Participate in various ways — share your story, answer surveys, join discussions on thought leadership topics, take reference calls, and more.
Perk: Access to exclusive rewards catalog of prizes, swag, and experiences.

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Become a Qrew Group Leader

Are you passionate about Quickbase AND your local Community? Or do you want to organize a virtual community comprised of people from the same industry, or performing the same role? Step up to lead a Qrew Group, organizing meet ups and learning sessions, bringing people from the Quickbase Qrew together.
Perks: Swag and more leadership rewards