Quickbase: The first application platform built for dynamic work

Quickbase makes it simple to bring together all your data and teams into one, centralized place.

A screenshot of a dashboard in Quickbase

Quickbase AI now available in Beta for Quickbase users

Gain end-to-end visibility

By connecting everything through a single source of truth, the Quickbase platform helps businesses mitigate risk, reduce waste, and cut down on unexpected costs. With automated workflows and granular permissions, the right people will have access to the right information.
The six pillars of Quickbase: Builder, Integrations, Automation, Insights, Admin, and Mobile


Create customized applications for complex projects and processes. Plus, develop tailored solutions to handle specific tasks and goals.


The Quickbase platform connects all your data from external systems with your Quickbase applications. You’ll gain real-time insight into all your projects and programs in one place.


Increase productivity, improve operational efficiency, and optimize business processes by orchestrating workflows, eliminating manual errors, and using automated tools for repetitive tasks.


Streamline the capture and management of critical information for even the most complex projects and business operations.


Take control of user management, application governance, and data integrity. Ensure compliance with governance policies, maintain a secure environment, and provide a seamless user experience.


Empower field operations and on-the-go workforces with access to critical information from the back office in real time. Mobile capabilities also allow for cross-functional collaboration, faster decision-making, and improved responsiveness.

Unlock the full potential of your workplace

Dynamic enterprises are adaptive, innovative, and highly engaged – leading to increased productivity and growth. Here's why the world’s top brands choose Quickbase:
A screenshot of a dashboard in Quickbase

Boost productivity

Build smarter, faster, and more efficiently with:

  • Intuitive no-code visual builder
  • Intelligent AI capabilities for smarter insights
  • Drag-and-drop workflow automation
  • Interactive reports and super-fast data processing

Scale operations

See, connect, and control all your data with confidence, with:

  • Extensive integrations and APIs for unified data connectivity
  • Role-based admin and governance for diverse work scenarios
  • Scalable solution management and enterprise-grade security and compliance
A screenshot of the Pipelines builder in Quickbase
A screenshot of Quickbase forms

Fuel growth

Faster time to value with community and expertise made possible with:

  • A wide range of template apps
  • Active community champions
  • Best practices, resources, and training for a “Center of Excellence”
  • Expert support, partners, and services
G2 badge for Leader, Fall 2023
G2 badge for users most likely to recommend for enterprises, Fall 2023
Quickbase is in the Top 50 of Development Products for 2024 from G2
G2 badge for Easiest setup for enterprises, Fall 2023
Quickbase is in the Top 50 of Project Management Products for 2024 from G2
Shortlisted in Capterra

Frequently asked questions

Quickbase is used by a wide range of individuals, teams, and organizations across various industries. Quickbase is built to support dynamic teams such as:

Business leaders:
Department leads and managers use Quickbase for project management, team coordination, and execution.

App builders: Excel and database users use Quickbase for building workflows, solving complex problems through apps

Tech admins: IT leaders, process leaders, and CIOs use Quickbase to ensure compliance and governance is appropriately monitored and projects can scale securely

Business users: Executives, field workers, and administrative employees use Quickbase for everyday task management, data entry, and reporting.

Quickbase is used for many purposes and business applications. The dynamic platform makes it easy to use and adapt into various industries and use cases — the possibilities are nearly limitless.

Quickbase is known to provide solutions in complex industries such as construction, property management, manufacturing, energy, telecom, big retail, healthcare, government and many more.

Quickbase is specifically designed to be user-friendly and accessible to individuals who are not coders or developers. Quickbase has a no-code visual builder, which means it provides a visual interface and pre-built components that allow you to create custom applications without the need for extensive coding knowledge.

Yes. App builders and administrators have full control over who sees what information is stored in Quickbase. Use predefined roles or create custom roles and tailor permissions and set the user interface by role, down to the field level.

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