2023 Quickbase Research Report

Roadblocks to the dynamic enterprise

Mastering dynamic work — the multi-stakeholder, complex work that drives revenue — takes coordination and collaboration. But we all know how work really goes — different answers from different systems, people aren’t on the same page, and reconciling data takes valuable hours from our day.

Quickbase’s research found that half of survey respondents waste more than 10 hours per week chasing information from different people and systems, and another 10 hours per week on administrative, manual work. The result? Less time to work on what's important.

58% of people spend less than 20 hours per week on meaningful work that drives results for key projects.

Download our research report, based on a survey of over 1,000 decision-makers from a variety of industries, to learn:

  • Where people are spending their time and losing productivity
  • What is most frustrating about disconnected systems for employees
  • The “gray work” people take on to fill the gaps
  • The state of complex work, and how organizations are succeeding

Read the full report to see more data and discover how your organization can become a dynamic enterprise.

2023 Quickbase Research Report

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