Corporate Citizenship at Quickbase

Our environmental, social, and governance commitments to our team and the planet.

Cross Functional Teams

From social injustice to environmental degradation, we recognize that as a company we must step up and realize the power and responsibility we have to make a difference in the world.

Quickbase unlocks potential — for your team and for ours.

Since 1999, we’ve provided organizations with tools that allow them to perform to their maximum capacity through our no-code software that enables limitless modes of connectivity. As the world changes with unprecedented speed, Quickbase is committed to continuing to be a catalyst of connectivity and positive change.

By striving to become the most inclusive company in software and a leader among contemporaries in the corporate environmental movement, we are ready to unlock the potential within our own community to treat our planet and communities better.

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ESG is a universal framework for maintaining strong morals in corporate citizenship.

At Quickbase, we use this framework to establish our own ESG policies in order to be the best possible corporate citizen.


An organization’s commitment to abiding by certain carbon emissions and waste standards
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Efforts around diversity, inclusion, and philanthropic initiatives


How an organization is structured to best serve its employees, customers, and other shareholders

By establishing strong policies and a dedicated team to carry out environmental initiatives, we’re unlocking the potential for our company to do better by our planet and our communities.

Ed Jennings
Quickbase CEO

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