Quickbase AI does the work you don’t need to be doing

Your projects are complex — but your day-to-day shouldn’t have to be. AI is infused across the entire Quickbase platform to make work management feel more manageable.

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Now available in Beta for Quickbase users

Drive your projects forward

Don't change your way of working. Enhance your way of working.

Make your projects as impactful as your ideas

Provide more people with more ways to solve more problems
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Decide and do — with confidence

Get full visibility into your projects and data to propel your to-do list forward

A smarter way to get things done

Focus on the tasks that matter most and automate the rest

In minutes, Quickbase AI can save you hours

Identify and eliminate unproductive work in your operations, and create custom solutions that are as unique as your business.

Smart Builder: Bring your ideas to life

Get a jumpstart on your most critical projects by automating your building, reporting and integrating with Quickbase AI.

Now in beta.

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Beta — Build Apps with AI

Becoming an app builder has never been easier. Just tell Quickbase AI what problem you're trying to solve and build fully functional apps tailored to your needs in just a few clicks.

Beta — Build Reports with AI

See and interact with your data in a whole new way. Get intelligence-backed, personalized report recommendations based on the type of data in your application.

Beta — Build Pipelines with AI

Make connections to your workstream in just seconds. Describe what workflow you want to automate and what data you want to integrate, and Smart Builder will do the rest.

Data Analyzer: Data science, without the scientist

Access a level of insight that reviewing your data manually can miss. Data Analyzer recognizes patterns in data across applications to predict and identify opportunities to improve productivity. Your data contains a story, and Quickbase AI helps you tell it.

Now in Beta.

Data Scanner: Stay a step ahead, stay protected.

Make data compliance and protection easy using Data Scanner, featuring AI from Quickbase. Create powerful, custom scan configurations to identify sensitive data in areas it doesn’t belong. Summarized results surface potential issues so you can stay in front of any emerging risk.

Generally available.

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I was pretty impressed that AI Smart Builder was able to throw together the application so quickly. I was able to have it out for testing in less than two days.
Chandler Buck
Programmer Analyst II, County of Pitt, North Carolina

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Frequently asked questions

Quickbase AI is a suite of cutting-edge tools that powers innovation for every type of user. It enables fast AI app building for everyone, even those who lack the technical skill to build by hand to generate an app. Business leaders can use it to analyze trends in their data and create powerful, predictive analytics. And account administrators can ensure compliance by scanning their apps for sensitive data.

Quickbase AI speeds app development, makes app development accessible to more people, and provides inspiration to help companies out-innovate their competition.

Quickbase AI includes several different types of AI/ML across the platform. Smart Builder’s app creation uses generative AI. Some of our other AI features leverage an in-house machine learning model built on 20+yrs of app metadata – like Smart Builder’s table and field suggestions, and the Data Scanner. The Data Analyzer creates a private machine-learning model specific to a single customer’s account.

We understand that you trust Quickbase with your most valuable company data, and that the implementation of AI may pose new questions for your business. To that end, we continue to hold ourselves to the highest standards of data security and privacy, and are committed to operating with transparency.

All of our solutions — AI or not — are designed with our existing data security, integrity, and compliance practices as a guiding principle, as well as our Shared Responsibility Model.

With respect to AI in particular, your AI data is your own, and we do not use your data to train public AI models.

We also provide visibility and controls that help govern AI access. Realm admins have the ability to turn off all Generative AI features within their realm’s apps. Additionally, Quickbase’s audit logs capture when AI was applied to the creation or updating of application data.

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