Quickbase Use Cases and Online Database Success Stories

Use cases and success stories

Meet some of the more than 6,000 customers who lead the way with problem-solving, paradigm-smashing, process-automating apps built with Quickbase.

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3 Men Movers logo
Case Studies
3 Men Movers
3 Men Movers Disrupts an Industry with Quickbase
Able Services Thumbnail
Case Studies
Able Services
Able Services Drives Operational Excellence with Quickbase
Agero Thumbnail
Case Studies
How Agero Built a Roadside Assistance App on Quickbase in Just One Day
Algorhythm Thumbnail
Case Studies
Digital Media Firm Designs a Simpler Approach to Project Management with Quickbase.
American Transplant Foundation Thumbnail
Case Studies
American Transplant Foundation
American Transplant Foundation Saves Lives with Quickbase
ARC Thumbnail
Case Studies
Atlanta Recycling Company
How ARC Recycles Manual Paper Processes into Deeper Insights and Increased Profitability
Atlantic Research Group Thumbnail
Case Studies
Atlantic Research Group
Atlantic Research Group Manages Clinical Trials with Quickbase
Avant new logo
Case Studies
Avant Healthcare Professionals
Avant Healthcare Professionals Breaks Through Onboarding Bottlenecks with Quickbase
Quickbase supports Boyett
Case Studies
Boyett Construction
Boyett Construction Grows Business with Quickbase
Calvin University Thumbnail
Case Studies
Calvin College
Calvin College's Center for Social Research Turns Students into App Builders with Quickbase
Cic Thumbnail
Case Studies
Cambridge Innovation Center
Think-Tank Residency Opens Its Doors to Property Management Efficiency with Quickbase
Canadian Solar Thumbnail
Case Studies
Canadian Solar Solutions
Canadian Solar Solutions Inc. Chooses Quickbase Over SharePoint for Agile and Efficient Project Management
CCI Thumbnail
Case Studies
CCI Systems
How CCI Systems Engineered Project Tracking and Quality Control Using Quickbase
Ceva Santé Animale logo
Case Studies
Ceva Santé Animale
Ceva Delivers Apps in Days with Quickbase
City of Philadelphia Department of Planning and Development
Case Studies
City of Philadelphia Department of Planning & Development
CLEAResult Thumbnail
Case Studies
CLEAResult Powers Growth with End-to-End Efficiency
Commonwealth Thumbnail
Case Studies
Commonwealth Financial Network
Commonwealth Financial Network Boosts Project Efficiency and Transparency with Quickbase
Complex Thumbnail
Case Studies
Complex Media
Complex Media Scales Digital Operations with Quickbase
Cooper Construction
Case Studies
Cooper Construction Services
Cooper Construction Services Manages Complex Pay Rates with Quickbase
CTC Thumbnail
Case Studies
CTC Transportation Insurance Services
CTC Transportation Insurance Services Keeps a Diverse Business Nimble with Quickbase
Cura Deuda Case Study
Case Studies
Cura Deuda
Cura Deuda drives powerful marketing campaigns with Quickbase and Workato
CDS Thumbnail
Case Studies
Customized Distribution Services (CDS)
Quickbase Web Based Applications Centralize Distribution Business for CDS
Danko Arlington Thumbnail
Case Studies
Danko Arlington
Detail MGR Thumbnail
Case Studies
DetailMGR Drives Real-Time Insights with an Integrated Solution Built on Quickbase
Direct Line Tele Response Thumbnail
Case Studies
Direct Line Tele Response
Direct Line Tele Response Automates Operations with Quickbase
Case Studies
DishOut Drives Competitive Advantage with Quickbase Webhooks
Office Of The CTO DC Case Study
Case Studies
District of Columbia Office of the CTO (OCTO)
Cost Effective Quickbase Solves Big Application Development Challenges
Diversakore Thumbnail
Case Studies
Diversakore Drives Fast, Accurate Estimates with Quickbase
Doc Organiz Thumbnail
Case Studies
DocOrganiz Eliminates Manual Processes with Quickbase Sync for CSV
Earthbound Farm Case Study
Case Studies
Earthbound Farm
Earthbound Farm Gains Real-Time Data Visibility with Quickbase CRM Application
Engaging Schools Case Study
Case Studies
Engaging Schools
Engaging Schools Reforms Contract Management with Quickbase
Galazy Granola Thumbnail
Case Studies
Galaxy Granola
Granola Manufacturer Gets CRM in Stellar Shape with Quickbase
J Gateway Thumbnail
Case Studies
Gateways: Access to Jewish Education
Gateways Streamlines Nonprofit Program Management with Quickbase
Green Standards Thumbnail
Case Studies
Green Standards
Green Standards Achieves Global Growth and Keeps Teams United with Quickbase
Harvey Building Thumbnail
Case Studies
Harvey Building Products
Leveraging Technology to Keep Companies EHS Compliant and Mitigate Risk
Healthbit Thumbnail
Case Studies
Healthbit Attains Efficiency, Quality, and Scalability Using Quickbase
Helm Inc Thumbnail 1
Case Studies
Helm, Inc.
Helm Speeds Up Cash Flow and Forecasting with Quickbase Sync for CSV
Helm Inc Thumbnail 2
Case Studies
Helm, Inc.
How Helm Inc. Eliminated Thousands of Spreadsheets to Transform their Business
Case Studies
HomeSquare Delivers Fast, Reliable Service using Quickbase Webhooks
Impres Thumbnail
Case Studies
Impres Inc.
Canadian Pharmaceutical & Consumer Health Care Household Name Impres Inc. Builds Flexibility and High Value Through Low-Code
Ingredient Identity Thumbnail
Case Studies
Ingredient Identity
Ingredient Identity Delivers Project Insight to Clients with Quickbase
Isola Thumbnail
Case Studies
Isola Homes
Isola Homes Builds a Better World with Quickbase
J Lodge Thumbnail
Case Studies
J. Lodge
Better Call Center Monitoring with Real-Time Data
JUMP Thumbnail
Case Studies
JUMP Grows Its Business Faster with Quickbase.
Case Studies
Quickbase Helps Kayak Coordinate Global Teams and Manage Customer Feedback
Lacrosse Thumbnail
Case Studies
Lacrosse Unlimited
Lacrosse Unlimited Unified Retail and eCommerce Processes with Quickbase
Quickbase supports Lighthouse Electric
Case Studies
Lighthouse Electric
Lighthouse Electric Simplifies and Standardizes Its System to Bridge Gaps Between the Office and Job Site
Metso Thumbnail
Case Studies
How Manufacturing Company Metso Saved $1 Million Annually, Boosted Communication and Improved Transparency
Micron Thumbnail
Case Studies
Micron Technology
Micron Consumer Products Group Connects Global Teams to Increase Sales and Improve Coordination
Naffa Thumbnail
Case Studies
Naffa Inc.
NAFFA International Reduces Code Violations and Speeds Construction Schedules with Online Database Quickbase
NOLA Thumbnail
Case Studies
New Orleans 9-1-1
New Orleans 911 Saves Lives with Quickbase
Next Phase Thumbnail
Case Studies
Next Phase Solutions and Services
IT Services Company Bridges the Gaps Between Project Management and Accounting with Quickbase
OMS thumbnail
Case Studies
OMS Photo
OMS Photo Gets the Big Picture with Quickbase Sync
OnSource Case Study
Case Studies
Tech Startup Disrupts the Insurance Industry with Quickbase
Quickbase supports OSF Healthcare
Case Studies
OSF HealthCare
OSF HealthCare Raises Its Standard of Care with Quickbase
Paradise Energy Solutions Thumbnail
Case Studies
Paradise Energy Solutions
Paradise Energy Solutions Helps People Harness the Power of the Sun with Quickbase
Patra Thumbail
Case Studies
Patra Corp
Patra Scales Outsourcing Practice with Quickbase
Performance Waste Solutions Thumbnail
Case Studies
Performance Waste Solutions
Performance Waste Solutions $100,000 with Automated Invoicing and More Using Quickbase
Planet Dds
Case Studies
Planet DDS
Planet DDS Scales Practice Management Services with Quickbase
Priarie Thumbnail
Case Studies
Prairie Benefits Network
Prairie Benefits Network Gets Closer to Customers and Prospects with Quickbase
Presti Neagle Thumbnail
Case Studies
Presti & Naegele
Presti & Naegele Boosts Client Pipeline with Quickbase
PR Opt Thumbnail
Case Studies
PRO-PT Gets to 99% Efficiency in Key Business Process with Quickbase
PG Thumbnail
Case Studies
Procter & Gamble
P&G Partners with Quickbase to Drive Efficient, Productive Collaboration
Projects Force Case Study
Case Studies
ProjectsForce Saves Hundreds of Hours of Manual Work with Quickbase
Pro Point Graphics Thumbnail
Case Studies
ProPoint Graphics
Quickbase Web Based Applications Help ProPoint Grow Its Business
PSG uses Quickbase
Case Studies
PSG Grand Rapids
How PSG Dover United IT and the Business to Automate their Entire Part Sourcing Process
PTC Thumbnail
Case Studies
How PTC Brought Order to its Complex Partner Program
Pure Water Thumbnail
Case Studies
Pure Water Technology (PWT)
Pure Water Tech Turns Its Green Business into a Golden Opportunity with Quickbase
Rayco Energy Solutions Thumbnail
Case Studies
How Rayco Built a Future-Proof Business with Quickbase
Read Math Inc Thumbnail
Case Studies
Reading & Math, Inc
Reading & Math, Inc. Helps More People Reach Their Potential with Quickbase
Red Circuit Thumbnail
Case Studies
RedBoard Circuits
Circuit Board Importer Drives Efficient Quotes and Orders with Quickbase
Res Care uses Quickbase
Case Studies
ResCare Gets IT and Business Working Together with Quickbase
Rexel Thumbnail
Case Studies
Rexel IPG
Rexel IPG Tops Customer Expectations for Big Builds with Quickbase
BM&P Case Study
Case Studies
Robert Berning Productions
Robert Berning Productions Replaces Time-Consuming and Costly Paper-based Work Order System with Quickbase Web-Based Software
Roof Diagnostics Solar logo
Case Studies
Roof Diagnostics Solar
RDS Manages Explosive Growth with Tailor-Made CRM Application
Run Energy Thumbnail
Case Studies
Run Energy
Run Energy Speeds Migration from WebEx WebOffice to Quickbase
Sage Payroll Services
Case Studies
Sage Payroll Services
How Sage Payroll Services Transformed Its Business to Deliver for Customers
Sands Investment Group
Case Studies
Sands Investment Group
Sands Investment Group Increases Offering Memorandums Production and Downloads with Quickbase
Schwickerts Thumbnail
Case Studies
Schwickerts Tecta America
Schwickerts Tecta America Streamlines Time Cards and More with Quickbase
Sodexo New logo
Case Studies
Sodexo Propels Growth with Smart Facilities Management
Spyder Trap Thumbnail
Case Studies
Spyder Trap
Spyder Trap Moves to Frictionless Project Accounting with Quickbase Sync
Georgia logo
Case Studies
State of Georgia Department of Administrative Services
Quickbase Streamlines Administrative Efficiency for the Department of Administrative Services
Sturgeon Thumbnail
Case Studies
Sturgeon Electric
Sturgeon Electric California Powers Up with Quickbase
Sullivan Solar Power
Case Studies
Sullivan Solar Power
Sullivan Solar Power Manages Leads and More with Quickbase
Sunpaper Thumbnail
Case Studies
Sun Paper Company
Sun Paper Company delivers on time with Quickbase
Swisscom Thumbnail
Case Studies
Swisscom Streamlines Project Management with Quickbase Web Based Software
Taylor Insurance
Case Studies
Taylor Insurance Services
How Taylor Insurance Services Drove $120,000 in New Revenue with Quickbase
TDA Group Thumbnail
Case Studies
TDA Group
Customer Service Software Improves Project Status Visibility for TDA Group's Clients and Staff
The Trust Thumbnail
Case Studies
The Trust for Public Land
The Trust for Public Land Streamlines Conservation Projects with Quickbase
UBM Thumbnail
Case Studies
UBM Americas
UBM Americas Streamlines Project Management with Quickbase Using Built-in Salesforce Integration
Universal Mens Clinic Thumbnail
Case Studies
Universal Mens Clinic
Universal Men’s Clinic: Concierge Driven Medicine Powered by Quickbase
Verite Thumbnail
Case Studies
Verité Drives Effective Project Management with Quickbase
VIP Medical Thumbnail
Case Studies
VIP Medical
VIP Medical Creates Operational Efficiency by Automating on Quickbase.
Vows Bridal Thumbnail
Case Studies
VOWS Bridal Outlet
VOWS Bridal Outlet Manages Growth with Self-Service Scheduling Application
WBG Thumbnail
Case Studies
Wireless Business Group
Wireless Business Group Dials Up Results with Quickbase