Cost-effective Quickbase solves big application development challenges

The Office of the Chief Technology Officer (OCTO) is responsible for all major IT infrastructure and technology solutions for the District of Columbia, so it needs to be as transparent as possible to the agencies and offices it serves. Without a budget for custom development of a centralized IT database, OCTO instead opted for Quickbase. The result is a cost-effective, customizable database that has reduced costs and strain on IT resources.


  • District Government agency transparency and accountability unattainable with spreadsheet-based data
  • Limited technical resources available for custom application development
  • Limited financial resources available for custom application development, especially during 2008-2009 recession
  • Custom application development too costly and time-consuming given only niche needs for applications


  • Cost effective, customizable web-based solution gives agencies timely access to critical data
  • Agile applications solve big challenges and hundreds of little business problems at agencies
  • Secure, online database streamlined workflow processing, reduced data errors and compliance reporting
  • Dashboards, email notifications, and roles & permissions enable District agencies to securely manage business processes and relevant data


  • OCTO deployed 155 custom applications across 11 agencies in 10 months with only one technical resource
  • OCTO saved $7.51 million in application development and deployment costs
  • OCTO eliminated processing errors previously caused by data inaccuracy and lack of transparency
  • OCTO reduced costs and strain on IT resources with agency users customizing the new custom apps