You have data and need to do something with it.

You don’t have to write code to create a data-driven application. Learn how in the Quickbase Builder Program with your free Builder Account.

It’s that easy.

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Say goodbye to technical barriers.

The Builder Program enables problems solvers of all technical backgrounds to build, create, and explore data solutions in Quickbase regardless of coding ability.

Need more information?

The Builder Program makes it easy to learn how to build low-code business applications with Quickbase. Through step-by-step training guides, access to the online Community and your personal environment for learning, testing and building; the Program enables you to become a Quickbase Builder.

Your Builder Account gives you a free Builder Plan to learn and practice your app building, access to Quickbase University and Care for education and support, and regular email updates with guidance and Best Practices from the Quickbase team. This is a safe space free of sales calls and offers...hooray!

We encourage you to also test out ideas for your business or company while you learn, but you will need to transfer those apps to a Premier, Platform, or Enterprise account if you wish to use the app in a professional or commercial setting. Similarly, apps from a paid Quickbase account cannot be transferred to a Builder Program account.

If you still have questions, see the Quickbase  Terms of Service, the Builder License Terms, and Privacy Policy for more details.

Our resources page will be your hub to all the tools available to help you build. The online help portal gives you access to detailed product information, and the Quickbase Community for answers to specific questions from builders like you. Quickbase University can give ideas for planning your next app, or help you study for your certification. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, you can contact a Quickbase representative by submitting a support case to our world-class Care team.

Learn by doing.

Solve your business data and workflow challenges as you learn at your own pace. Continue to try until your solution works. There’s no risk to join, you decide when you are done, and we give you everything you need to be successful. For free.

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Builder Plan details

  • Unrestricted Quickbase core feature set
  • 1 Builder and 2 additional test users
  • 1 MB of data per app (~12,500 rows in a table with 10 fields)
  • 1 GB of file attachment storage
  • Maximum of 1,000 API calls per month
  • For personal, non-production use

Start building today.

Better understand your data by creating a solution that works for you. The Builder Program is a risk-free way to solve problems, learn new skills, and get ahead.