Bridge the gap between the field and office

Combine field work with back-end business operations with real-time mobile capabilities to supercharge productivity and improve compliance and risk management.

A woman uses Quickbase on a tablet
Three people use Quickbase in the field

Gray Work hurts productivity in the field

Businesses are wasting billions of dollars on the manual and tedious Gray Work of tracking down the right data between disconnected systems and outdated processes like one-off emails and over-versioned spreadsheets. This is especially painful for workers on the move, where small miscommunications can have big, lasting impacts.

Equipment showing up to a construction site even one day too early, for instance, can lead to days or even weeks of delays. Mobile real-time reporting keeps everything moving and everyone connected.

Quickbase brings your back office and field teams together

Mobile real-time reporting keeps teams connected from anywhere. This allows the back office and field teams to communicate and collaborate without costly and even dangerous delays that may be detrimental to productivity and safety and compliance standards.

Designed to meet the diverse needs of teams, Quickbase’s mobile features empower everyone with critical information at their fingertips.

A screenshot of mobile dashboards next to a screenshot of the Quickbase Gantt chart
A screenshot of Quickbase's mobile dashboards

Field workers

Field workers can leverage modern, streamlined data collection while at a job site using their mobile device. Snap photos and add annotations and automate your entire field workflow.

Business users

Business users on the go can leverage rich and dynamic mobile dashboards to stay in the loop from any location. With the rise of remote and hybrid work, anyone in your org may find themselves needing access to key project data while away from home.

Back-office workers

Back-office workers need to facilitate field work and act quickly on data collected by field teams. Easily dispatch work items, report on progress, and combine data collected in the field with other operational data to drive key business processes.

Explore how mobile can transform your workforce

Construction projects

Field workers & managers can quickly update their tasks or approve them while they’re at a job site, even while working without an internet connection

Physical assets

Easily track and allocate fleet or equipment to reduce downtime and maximize their utilization

Health & safety policies

Track inspections and report incidents in real-time to ensure compliance with regulations

Environmental compliance

Track waste disposal and monitor pollution control measures to achieve sustainability goals

Quality standards

Measure quality of materials produced, delivered, or received to comply with various standards
Working in the construction industry, mobile work is extremely important to having a good flow between the field and the office.
Jen Clark
Project Integration Manager, General Sheet Metal

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