Get more done in less time with Quickbase Pipelines Designer

Quickbase Pipelines enables teams to orchestrate workflows across apps and third-party tools using pre-built integration channels, reducing the need for manual tasks, streamlining processes and optimizing resources.

See how Pipelines Designer helps teams flexibly build and bring these powerful integrations to life.

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A screenshot of Quickbase's Pipelines Designer
A screenshot of the adaptability of Quickbase's Pipelines Designer

Next-level adaptability

With the freedom to customize and configure at every step, you'll have the power to design Pipelines that align perfectly with your project requirements, ensuring maximum efficiency and performance.

Reduce errors with automation

With the time saved through automation, your team can allocate efforts to strategic initiatives, leading to teams collaborating more efficiently.

Reduced reliance on manual labor translates into lower labor expenses, less rework and costly mistakes, ultimately contributing to your bottom line.

See, connect, and control every step

Quickbase provides you with significant contextual value and customization options, putting you in control of your design process.

Tailor your workflows, integrate your preferred tools, and leverage personalized insights to create Pipelines that work seamlessly within your specific context.

Key benefits of Quickbase Pipelines Designer

Design Pipelines up to 2x faster

A set of tools crafted to enhance UI performance, introduce better workflows, and implement smart shortcuts. An entirely fresh, user-friendly step configuration experience specifically tailored to non-tech users.

Significant contextual value and customization

A set of features that empower users to add deeper insights to their Pipelines while also expanding the options for advanced users' workflows – such as customizable step names, adding step notes and an elevated Jinja editor and library.

Flexible Pipelines building experience

A set of power-packed features that allow users to modify Pipelines before or after activation.

Capabilities built for modern work

Quickbase’s enhanced Pipelines Designer offers a range of features with a modern and intuitive look-and-feel.

An icon representing drag & drop capabilities
Streamlined step setup, so you can drag and drop to re-order steps and easily insert new steps between existing ones
An icon representing Gantt dependencies
A better visual layout for conditions and loops, and the ability to zoom in and out to see your workflow easily
Custom step names, the ability to add step notes, and a new and improved Jinja editor
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Quickbase is in the Top 50 of Development Products for 2024 from G2
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Quickbase is in the Top 50 of Project Management Products for 2024 from G2
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Frequently asked questions

The Pipelines Designer is a visual tool designed to help users automate workflows and integrate data across various applications and systems. With the intuitive Pipelines Designer, Quickbase allows users to build custom applications without extensive coding knowledge.

Yes! All Quickbase customers have access to the Pipelines Designer. It is available across all plans.

Quickbase offers a tiered channel access model that bundles our integration channels into categories that align with your pricing plan tier.

To check out our Pipelines channel availability by plan, please reference our full list of channels or contact your Account Administrator for more information.

Quickbase Pipelines empowers businesses to manage people and data, report and gain insight, orchestrate workflow, and integrate systems within one unified platform.

Pipelines can be built using our intuitive, drag-and-drop visual builder, which makes it easy for users to create more complex integrations and orchestrate automated workflow even faster on their own or in partnership with IT. 

Read the full FAQs on the community.