Add automation, boost productivity

Remove inefficiencies from your work with automated tools built to reduce repetitive tasks, orchestrate workflows, and eliminate manual errors — all from within the Quickbase platform.

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Speed up project delivery and reduce errors

Need to assign a task? Or submit for an approval? Quickbase solutions make it easy to automate this type of repetitive work.

Empower team connection and collaboration

Use accurate and actionable automation to deliver role-based insights across your organization, empowering teams to grow your business. Set up applications to serve many overlapping roles and provide flexible permission models all within a single dynamic work management platform.

Efficient solutions tailored to employees’ specific tasks and goals.

Unify data from multiple sources and simplify access. Keep your team up to date and ensure datasets are in-sync across systems on in-progress work items with two-way connections to cloud systems.

Quickbase automation simplifies your complex projects


Eliminate manual processes

Easily set up workflow automation to eliminate manual business processes, and notify your users in real time of actions, and complete time-sensitive tasks.
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Automate repetitive tasks

Schedule repetitive tasks like approving expenditures or driving to a work site to conduct an inspection.
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Customize your approach

Visual workflow designer enables business users to design their own workflows, automating key processes.

Get ahead with the Pipelines Designer

Pipelines Designer enables business users to build their own workflows into automate processes, including:

  • Intuitive drag-and-drop to create and re-order steps
  • Easily insert new steps between existing ones
  • Easy visual layout for conditions and loops
  • Zoom in and out to see workflow more clearly
  • Custom step names and notes
A screenshot of the Pipelines builder in Quickbase
Proctor & Gamble
CVS Pharmacy
Fresenius Medical Care
Mondelez International

Automate your processes and eliminate Gray Work

Frequently asked questions

Quickbase supports both. You can send trigger-based notifications (like sending a message when a project’s status changes), or periodic report subscriptions (like sending a list of open escalations to your support team every morning).

Yes, Quickbase enables business users to set up custom business logic to match your process needs exactly.

Quickbase enables you to send notifications in many formats: email, Slack, MS Teams, or text message via Twilio. For all integrations, please see the Pipelines channels page.