Quickbase brings you insights in an instant

Gain fast access to crucial data for better, more informed decision making.

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Data that delivers

Empower your teams to make better informed decisions, collaborate more effectively, and drive business growth by leveraging accurate and actionable data.

Instant insights from across your business

Quickbase’s dynamic dashboards allow you to filter a complete set of reports from across your entire business in just a few clicks. Create tabular and summary reports, identify who is assigned to a task, and quickly build charts.

Our 40+ pre-built integrations ensure all this data is pulled in from your most important data sources outside of Quickbase.

Find solutions and drive results, fast

Quickbase is a unified platform that provides timely insights and makes it easy to act on them. Now, your team leads can flag potential risks before they become a problem. Using detailed data findings to pinpoint the issues, they can then quickly pull together an effective remediation plan.

The Quickbase Data Analyzer
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Tailored reports, deeper analysis

Create diverse reports to analyze data in-depth and identify patterns and trends. Quickbase offers a wide range of options to intuitively display your most vital operational data – from simple pie, line, and bar graphs to interactive Kanban and Gantt views.

With Quickbase, everything is out in the open, so it's clear who is doing what, how much work is being done, and when it will be completed.
Rich Buckley
Head of Global Operations Engineering & Order Management, Valmet

Capabilities you can count on

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Personalized, role-based dashboards

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Filter views in a few clicks

Easy KPI tracking with at-a-glance metrics

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Wide range of charts available

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Kanban boards keep teams in sync

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Gantt charts for complex project tracking

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, Quickbase dashboards are personalized to deliver the right information at the right time. For example, this means that you can set up one dashboard for your finance team and another for your project managers. To-Do reports further hone this capability, showing only items assigned to that individual user.

Yes, you can create a dashboard for project executives to see a list of open projects by status, and then click into the Gantt view for an individual project to manage its delivery timeline.

In addition to basic tabular and summary reports, Quickbase offers a rich variety of charts: bar, line, area, pie, funnel, scatter, bubble, waterfall, gauge/KPI, map, calendar, timeline, Kanban, and Gantt.