Welcome to Quickbase Qrew Groups!

Come meet others from The Qrew! Qrew Groups allow you to connect with others, see new use cases, and expand your professional networks.

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About Quickbase Qrew Groups

Qrew Groups can be either Quickbase-led or Community-Led. Our Quickbase-led Qrew Groups — Customer Networks — are hosted by members of the Quickbase Customer Success team. Currently, these Qrew Groups are organized in the following ways:

By Feature

Pipelines: Learn from the best integration and automation designers in the Community; connect with Quickbase Pipelines Product Managers to see what’s coming and share how it’s going using Quickbase Pipelines.

By Role

Realm Admin: Governance in no-code/low-code is essential. Come see how the best and brightest Quickbase Realm Admins are controlling their Quickbase accounts, making it a safe and secure experience for their builders.

By Industry

If you’re interested in connecting with others from the same industry, we offer Customer Networks for the following industries: AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction), Manufacturing, Retail/Real Estate, Education/Non-Profit, Public Sector, and Healthcare.

By Geography

For members of our international community, we offer an Australia/New Zealand Customer Network and an EMEAA (Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia) Customer Network, allowing our community members abroad to connect through virtual meetups.

Coming soon: Community-led Qrews

Community-led Qrew Groups will create opportunities for meet ups hosted by members of The Qrew. Qrew Groups can be organized by local geography, allowing Qrew members to meet up in-person, or they can align by interest, allowing Qrew members from all over the world to connect virtually.

We’re on the lookout for Qrew Champions who want to lead the effort in launching in-person and virtual Qrew Groups. If you're interested in learning more about this opportunity, please apply to our Champions Program. All Qrew leaders will automatically reach Champion level in our Quickbase Champions program.

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