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Drive operational excellence and deliver your unique & complex solar projects with Quickbase.

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Supercharge your solar operations

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Enhance efficiency & collaboration

Streamline your solar project workflows to enhance efficiency and coordination across teams for on-time and in-budget project deliveries.

Optimize your resources

Maximize the utilization of your personnel, equipment, and materials, all while reducing costs and minimizing waste in your solar projects.

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Make data-driven decisions

Gain access to real-time project data and analytics to enable data-driven decisions that can lead to better overall outcomes, including improved profitability.

See, connect, and control your solar projects

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Streamline sales management & customer relationships

Track leads, manage sales opportunities, generate custom quotes and proposals, and get real-time visibility into your sales performance, project pipeline, and revenue forecasting to drive growth. Capture customer data, track communication history, and improve customer satisfaction.

Manage all your solar installation projects

Track project milestones, manage supply chain for your parts, coordinate installation schedules, monitor maintenance and repair activities, handle customer support requests and efficiently deliver and service your customers.

Track all your solar equipment and assets

Allocate and track personnel, equipment, and materials for your solar installation and maintenance projects. Maintain a centralized single source of truth for resource availability and utilization so you can optimize them for improved operational efficiency.
Without Quickbase, maintaining a top notch customer experience while experiencing exponential growth would not have been possible.
Kelcy Pegler, Jr.
Co-Founder & CEO, Roof Diagnostics Solar

Quickbase capabilities

Explore more Quickbase capabilities and benefits that can improve your solar project management and collaboration.


Mobile app with offline data-entry for field teams to keep them connected on the go.
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Extensive out-of-the-box integrations & APIs to unify your data from disconnected systems.


Build a solar solution on your own or find the right services to support your needs.
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Intuitive no-code visual application builder to capture customer & project data
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Drag-and-drop workflow automation to orchestrate processes & workflows

Powering success with Quickbase

Frequently asked questions

Purpose-built tools for the solar industry are often rigid and not flexible enough to be customized to an organization’s specific objectives. The Quickbase platform provides significant adaptability to your current and future business needs.

Yes, the Quickbase platform can be used to build various solutions using our baseline applications for CRM, solar, and many more use cases.

Yes. Quickbase is available on devices with Internet access and features offline mobile functionalities, supporting various field operations. Quickbase Mobile aids in overseeing tasks, administrating projects, and capturing data instantaneously from field locations.

Yes. You can quickly connect to any of your core business systems using Quickbase’s various integration capabilities. These capabilities include 40+ pre-built integration channels and a set of powerful & modern APIs for building custom extensions.

The time it takes to set up Quickbase can vary depending on the complexity of your business needs. However, developing a solution on Quickbase takes significantly less time than what it would take on a low-code platform or if you were to customize a purpose-built tool for the solar industry. Most basic setups are operational in a few weeks, compared to months with other low-code platforms or solar-specific point solutions.