Welcome to the Quickbase Getting Started Guide

This guide walks you through the process of creating a basic order management application in Quickbase. As you progress, you'll experience the process of app creation while learning key concepts and skills.


You're taking over for Drew, who's moving to another position. Drew currently manages the order process, and plays an integral part in the workflow of the office. When an order comes in, Drew manually enters or copies information into several spreadsheets. Drew keeps the spreadsheets on a laptop, making him a bottleneck for entering orders, providing status updates, or producing analytics for management. Everyone wants to take this opportunity to evolve the order process and remove the dependency on any one person to complete orders.

Recently, one of your team members found that a product name is incorrect on all of the customer orders, and it's causing confusion. Some customers are even cancelling their orders. You investigate and learn that the mistake is also in the master product list, which was copied and pasted into all of the orders. Correcting the product name in the product list and updating all of the existing orders is now your top priority.

Before you can even think about fixing the product name in the orders, you have a morning meeting with management. During the meeting, management asks for a report of the top spending customers by quarter and the top selling products overall. That information isn't in an existing report, and it'll take you some time to sort through the spreadsheets to create the report. You quickly realize that the order management process has outgrown the current approach, so you set out to rebuild the process to avoid issues like these in the future.


To stay focused, you write out a few notes about what you want to accomplish.

  1. Eliminate inefficiencies and make it easy for other team members to enter orders
  2. Reduce the risk of manual errors while correcting the product name in existing orders
  3. Easily create and share reports with the team and management

Drew posted the spreadsheets online and sent you a link to each one. All you have to do is download them and get started.

Order ListThe list of orders, including order dates, customer names, and order numbers
Order DetailsA more detailed list of orders, including the products and quantities on each order
Product ListThe list of products for sale, including product name, product number, and unit price

Click the file names above to download Drew's spreadsheets to your computer.