Quickbase overview

Quickbase & no-code development

Quickbase is an application development platform created to allow problem-solvers of any technical background to create solutions to modernize complex workflows. Quickbase helps businesses accelerate the continuous innovation of unique processes by enabling secured, controlled citizen development at scale, governed by IT, across one common platform. Quickbase is designed to unite business and IT teams by enabling them to work together on a platform that IT controls and governs while its offloads development to business technologists. From a development perspective, the platform supports both low-code and no-code development, depending on the audience and skillset.

The Quickbase Visual Builder

No-code is a modern, agile way of building business applications with graphical user interfaces and configurations instead of traditional coding. Regardless of your industry or use case, our no-code approach is to enable people who can’t write code and don’t have a background in software development to build powerful solutions for complex processes and projects. Quickbase supports the democratization of application development through no-code, by making application development more accessible to those at the edge of the business who know the requirements and needs best.

For experienced and professional developers, Quickbase offers advanced development capabilities that fall under the low-code category. IT teams are able to extend the platform through advanced actions such as using code pages and integration through API. Developers find faster time to value and increased productivity using the graphical UIs and app configurations, but are not limited in valuable advanced functionality.

Regardless of technical background, Quickbase empowers those closest to the business problem to quickly turn ideas for improvement into solutions.

Quickbase for IT

The Quickbase difference

Developing with Quickbase is different than the traditional approach to building custom software solutions. The Quickbase platform is purpose built for operational agility, and was designed to make application development accessible to developers with a variety of technological backgrounds. Quickbase’s flexible, no-code driven data model and auto-generated UI provide a different experience for those accustomed to traditional application development. Applications are not coded with Quickbase, they are configured. This allows developers to create bespoke solutions faster and with fewer resources. While experienced developers won’t have to rely on traditional SDLC or DevOps, they should find app creation and deployment to be intuitive.

Support for citizen automation and development

Quickbase defines citizen automation and development as: the enterprise practice of business technologists, not professionally trained in a software discipline, to create, automate, deploy and continuously improve digital solutions critical to their business in a secure, controlled and disciplined manner that is sanctioned and governed by IT. The Quickbase platform directly supports this by providing a set of integrated tools and services designed for business technologists to build and automate the work and data flows that drive business processes. Professional training is not required to develop solutions on the Quickbase platform, however. IT is able to retain full control over application and workflow creation.

An app dashboard in Quickbase

As the true pioneers of citizen development, Quickbase’s 20+ years of experience empowering non-coders to build solutions to business problems has resulted in a proven approach and best practices for enabling successful citizen development and citizen automation at scale. A secure and flexible governance model keeps your data safeguarded and helps to maintain development best practices across your organization. Quickbase’s proven Center of Excellence governance model helps customers establish communities of practice that encourage innovation in a programatic, controlled way.

Quickbase provides a full set of enablement services as well as 24/7 customer support to ensure successful citizen development and automation at any organization.