Quickbase overview

What is Quickbase?

Quickbase is a no-code platform built to empower dynamic teams to solve complex problems.

Quickbase offers a unique and powerful database engine, which combines relational and graph structures to enable both transactions and analytics. Take control of user management, application governance, and data integrity through this easy-to-use and fully integrated platform.

The Quickbase platform also leverages cutting-edge generative AI and machine learning technology to get the most complex work done faster and better.

Using Quickbase, any problem-solver can create custom business applications and workflows. Applications and workflows created in Quickbase:

  • Streamline complex projects and processes
  • Unify business-critical data onto one platform
  • Help businesses accelerate the continuous innovation of their unique processes
  • Allow for secure, controlled application development at scale

Fostering IT and business collaboration

With Quickbase, IT and business units can collaborate using a model that best aligns their innovation with governance and controls. We’ve seen a range of collaboration models work well depending on a client’s culture and preferences: IT-led, Business-led, or a more balanced approach.

What’s key here is that, no matter which model you pick, there is active collaboration between IT and the line-of-business on priorities and requirements and IT has the visibility and control that they need.

No-code development

The platform supports both low-code and no-code development, depending on the user and their skillset. No-code is a modern, agile way of building business applications. It uses graphical user interfaces and configurations instead of traditional coding.

The Quickbase Visual Builder

Quickbase supports the democratization of application development through no-code. It makes application development more accessible to those at the edge of the business who know the requirements and needs best. Regardless of industry or use case, our no-code approach empowers people who can’t write code and don’t have a background in software development to build powerful solutions for complex processes and projects.

For experienced and professional developers, Quickbase offers advanced development.

Quickbase for IT: the Quickbase difference

Quickbase is designed to make application development accessible to builders with a variety of technological backgrounds. Because of this, developing with Quickbase is different than the traditional approach for building custom software solutions.

Using Quickbase:

  • Users configure applications instead of coding them
  • Applications are created using a no-code data model and UI is auto-generated
  • Developers create bespoke solutions faster with fewer resources

While experienced developers won’t have to rely on traditional SDLC or DevOps, they should find app creation and deployment intuitive.

Delegating application and workflow development

As the true pioneers of dynamic work management, Quickbase has 20+ years of experience empowering non-coders to build solutions to business problems. We’ve developed proven approaches and best practices for delegating and scaling development of apps and workflows across the business.

An app dashboard in Quickbase

As the true pioneers of dynamic work management, Quickbase’s 25 years of experience empowering non-coders to build solutions for business problems has resulted in a proven approach and best practices for enabling successful delegation of app and integration development to the line-of-business at scale. Quickbase’s proven Center of Excellence governance model is secure and flexible. It keeps your data safeguarded and helps to maintain development best practices across your organization. Using it, you can establish communities of practice that encourage innovation in a programmatic and controlled way.

Quickbase provides a full set of enablement services as well as 24/7 technical support to ensure successful implementation and operation at any organization.