Types of builders

The people who build applications in Quickbase sit in a variety of roles and departments. Some builders sit in a line-of-business department and some are in the IT organization.

The platform includes tools, training, and capabilities that cater to the different skillsets and experience levels of all users.

Here, you’ll find more information about our typical application builders.

Line-of-business builders

For many employees, work largely revolves around technology, even when creating solutions and digital capabilities is not a primary responsibility.

When we talk about line-of-business builders, we’re describing people who:

  • Sit outside of IT
  • Have varying degrees of technical training
  • Create technologies for their organization to use both internally and externally

Delegation of application building across the line of business is on the rise. This is because of the emphasis in many enterprises on using technology and data to drive innovation.

Quickbase offers AI-powered application creation tools that allow virtually anyone to create a custom application. The biggest determining factor for who will be a successful Quickbase builder is how well they understand the process at hand.

Line-of-business builders are most successful working within IT-established governance frameworks and guardrails.


Professional developers have formal software development training and likely sit in centralized or business-unit IT departments.

For these builders, Quickbase acts like a low-code platform. It allows them to use fewer resources and develop solutions in a fraction of the time of traditional development.

IT developers work collaboratively with business teams to implement controls and guardrails. For example, they may help with enablement, onboarding, and training. They also control data and system access to promote safe and secure innovation.