Training and certification

Quickbase makes it easy to access educational resources to learn the Quickbase platform. Both eLearning and Live Training courses are available for anyone who wants to learn the Quickbase development concepts and skills necessary to build and maintain apps.

Live training

Live training courses are instructor-led sessions that offer workshop experiences for builders to learn by creating and modifying apps right alongside a trainer. These sessions are tailored to the audience to provide the best possible learning experience, and happen either in person, or virtually.

Customers can receive the following training sessions live:

  • Fundamental: Learn the basic concepts you’ll need to create and manage Quickbase apps.
  • Intermediate: Improve your building skills with more sophisticated features and methodologies

Live training sessions are offered through our various Enablement services, where customers receive a fixed number of hours to use. Some of those hours are dedicated to training and education.


eLearning offers self-paced courses where developers learn foundational concepts and skills with self-led training videos and tutorials. These are available through Quickbase University to anyone with app creation permissions, regardless of account type. The training videos are broken up into courses, and are organized by concepts and by audience (e.g. Quickbase user role). Quickbase University also gives customers access to sessions that took place at previous Empower conferences.


The Quickbase Certification Program is the best way to promote your expertise and provides validation of the ability to design, build, implement, and maintain Quickbase Apps. Certificate holders will receive a personalized printable certificate and digital credential to promote their achievement on LinkedIn and social media. There are two certification levels: AppBuilder and Expert Builder.

Customers receive certain certification levels by taking, and passing the certification exams offered through Quickbase University.

FAQ: Is training necessary to build a Quickbase application?

Quickbase application development will be straightforward to many developers using the platform for the first time, regardless of their technical background. With guided application development and visual builder, it is possible to create a functioning application without training. However, training is suggested and highly beneficial to learn Quickbase development best practices, as well as more advanced building techniques.

If you have goals of larger deployments, onboarding and Enablement services are offered for a more hands-on approach.