Governing citizen development

Successful citizen development is a result of a partnership between the business and IT. When business technologists create their own digital solutions to solve business problems, IT becomes a key player in the overall strategy providing frameworks, enablement, oversight and control. When citizen development is governed with the appropriate guardrails and support from the IT organization, citizen developers and business technologists actually have more freedom to create the solutions they need within suitable parameters, without the worry of accessing the wrong data or systems.

Quickbase’s proven approach to citizen development is a result of 20+ years of experience with customers of all sizes. The Quickbase Governance Framework helps to orient a customer around a core set of principles to help them define how Quickbase will operate within their organization. Governance is comprised of product, processes, policies and people working together to organize the platform, protect the data and maintain safe development practices across an organization.

Platform controls are complemented by best practices and other tools provided to customers through our Customer Success organizations. These are coupled with platform data and customer-specific policies to help them enforce design standards, common data models and manage their overall Citizen Development practice.

To support the Governance Framework, the Quickbase platform includes governance capabilities specifically designed to support the development needs of business technologists and the security needs of IT.

Empower your employees while protecting enterprise data with a secure, flexible, no-code governance model.