Successful no-code governance only works when the business and its IT department partner together. The goal is to let users innovate to solve business problems — safely. To make this work, IT must provide:

  • frameworks
  • oversight
  • control

Effective governance of a platform like Quickbase is a responsibility shared by the vendor and the customer. We provide you with robust tools that give you visibility and control, and it is your responsibility to ensure that your organization implements governance best practices. For more information on our shared responsibility model, see our security and compliance page.

At first, IT governance of no-code app development may make users feel constrained. But once users realize they can innovate using their knowledge of business requirements, that view changes.

Governing no-code

At Quickbase, we have a proven approach to no-code governance. This comes from 25+ years of experience working with companies of all sizes. We’ve developed a governance framework to help you define how Quickbase operates within your organization. The framework considers:

  • robust product capabilities
  • processes and policies
  • people with different roles working together to on the platform

Considering all these aspects of governance protects your data and maintains safe development practices across your organization.

To support the governance framework, Quickbase is designed to meet the development needs of business users and the security needs of IT. An example of this is our platform controls for user and access management.

Our Customer Success team is also ready to help you in your governance journey. They can work with you to establish things like design standards and common data models. These types of administrative policies will make your no-code practice effective and scalable.

This is the value of adopting a secure and flexible no-code governance model. It allows you to empower your employees while protecting enterprise data.