Platform capabilities

Using Quickbase, developers of varying skillsets, including business builders, build data-driven web applications. Quickbase is a flexible platform, so it fits the needs of operationally-intense industries with unique use cases. With Quickbase, organizations streamline complex processes and projects. Especially those that require data from many places and systems.

With its robust set of capabilities, Quickbase helps manage team and departmental collaboration. This is especially helpful when different stakeholders need different levels of access and visibility.

Quickbase platform capabilities fall into six categories:

  • Builder - Create custom applications for complex projects and processes
  • Insights - Share role-based insights for informed decision-making
  • Automation - Streamline and optimize business processes
  • Integrations - Unify data from multiple sources for greater visibility
  • Mobile - Access information and manage workflows on the go
  • Governance - Manage users and applications with confidence

Let’s cover the capabilities in each of these categories in more depth.


Builder tools help you create data-driven web applications, which are instantly available on mobile devices as well. Quickbase-built web applications include tables, fields, relationships, forms, and user roles.

Quickbase provides several tools to build an app:

  • Quickbase Visual Builder
  • Import from a spreadsheet
  • Import from Lucidchart ERD
  • API calls
  • App templates to clone and customize
  • Generative AI (beta)


Insights capabilities support the organization and presentation of data. Choose from a variety of presentation formats, including:

  • Table
  • Summary
  • Map
  • Calendar
  • Timeline
  • Kanban
  • Gantt

Quickbase also offers several built-in chart types:

  • Line
  • Pie
  • Bar
  • Area
  • Scatter
  • Bubble
  • Funnel
  • Waterfall
  • KPI

IT developers can extend the platform to use other types of charts as well. To do so, build custom code pages using languages like HTML, CSS, and JS.

To provide a comprehensive view of a project or process at a glance, combine several reports and charts on a dashboard. Personalize dashboards by user role so they see exactly the information they need.


Support the automation of routine tasks within and between Quickbase applications with built-in automation capabilities.

  • Create automations that fire based on standard database triggers, for example record create, update, delete.
  • Query and manipulate records either individually or in bulk.

Automate entire workflows in Quickbase using a visual, drag-and-drop canvas. The interface accelerates the build process for IT users. It also enables business users to create workflows, with the proper guidance from IT.

The visual workflow designer supports custom business logic to satisfy your precise workflow requirements. Build in conditions, branching, and looping logic as needed.

Promptly notify users of important events, like an item or task being assigned to them, using Quickbase’s built-in email service.

A library of RESTful, JSON-based APIs is also available to automate tasks within Quickbase.


Quickbase offers built-in connectors, XML APIs, and JSON APIs to help integrate your data.

Built-in connectors

Quickbase has over 40 built-in connectors to various cloud services including:

  • Salesforce
  • Snowflake
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Slack

Connect to on-prem data sources such as MS-SQL using a Windows-based ODBC service. Configure these integrations using the same visual workflow designer as automations, making for a consistent and comprehensive user experience. The visual workflow designer also supports webhooks to help you connect to systems we don’t have built-in connectors for yet.

Integrate data, create custom interfaces, connect to custom code, and even programmatically manage your application using our XML and JSON APIs.


Web applications built on the Quickbase platform are instantly available on mobile devices without additional mobile-specific development.

Get easy access on-the-go to any application you’ve been granted access to in Quickbase using our mobile app. Download the Quickbase mobile app from Google Play or the Apple App Store. Along with other features, Quickbase provides mobile dashboards so you can seamlessly check on a project’s status while unexpectedly away from the office.

Sold as a separate product, Quickbase also offers FastField. Use FastField to set up and dispatch powerful mobile forms. Boost the productivity of workers in the field by giving them access to capabilities like image capture, image annotation, and signature capture.

The FastField Mobile App is available as a separate download. It is supported on Apple and Android mobile devices. To store data captured in the field using FastField in the web applications you build in Quickbase, take advantage of our powerful Quickbase-FastField integration.


The Quickbase platform gives IT teams the visibility and control they need to scale application development across the line of business in a safe and compliant manner.

  • Account administrators choose which users may create new applications or workflows
  • Control which no-code connectors users can access?
  • Detailed audit logs track user activity and data changes
  • Run AI-powered data scans based on regular expressions to locate sensitive data types that are relevant to compliance obligations
  • Configure security settings, such as password, session, and IP policies

Additionally, individual application administrators have complete control over:

  • Who can access the app
  • What actions they are allowed to take
  • What data within the app they are allowed to see. The granularity goes down to the record level.