App planning

Quickbase provides application lifecycle management (ALM) capabilities that can help with planning, development, deployment, and maintenance.

In the planning phase, you'll be able to manage request intake, application design, and feedback collection for each new application.

Request intake

Application planning begins with intake. In this step, you can create a simple Quickbase app to collect requests for new applications. The requests could include:

  • A description of the problem the new application would solve.
  • Whether the application is tied to a strategic initiative.
  • An estimate for how many users would need to use the app.
  • What types of data the app would contain.
  • A level of urgency.

You could then disposition each request by:

  1. Determining if a similar app already exists.
  2. Determining if the application aligns with top-level business strategy.
  3. Deciding what the next steps should be in planning out the new potential application.

Throughout this process, all stakeholders can stay up-to-date through built-in email notifications.

Application design

Use our Lucidchart integration to collaborate with your team on application design:

  1. Lay out your Entity-Relationship Diagram in Lucid.
  2. Invite other stakeholders to add notes and make updates as appropriate.
  3. When you’re ready, transform your ERD into a Quickbase app in just a few clicks.

Gathering feedback

To help you gather feedback and requirements for application development, Quickbase offers a wide range of capabilities.

  • Use Kanban reports and Gantt charts with forms and dashboards for an end-to-end experience for managing requirements.
  • Create applications to manage workflows for peer reviews, office hours, and user groups. This can help you scale up safe and safe and secure application development.
  • Use our Jira Cloud and Jira On-premise integrations. This lets you integrate feedback and requirement gathering processes with EAP tools.