Quickbase Platform Evaluation Guide

App Planning


Quickbase supports collaboration around ideation and app creation. The Quickbase partnership with Lucidcharts allows customers to visualize processes, requirements and potential workflows providing visibility and clarity. Stakeholders from the business and IT can capture and iterate on their processes and leverage the ability to quickly validate the requirements and make changes in Quickbase.

Feedback & Requirements

Quickbase provides a wide range of capabilities that enable customers to build applications that help to gather and analyze feedback and requirements for application development. Examples of such capabilities are Kanban reports and Gantt charts which, when paired with generic capabilities such as forms and dashboards, provide customers end-to-end experience for managing application development requirements and stakeholder management lifecycle.

Customers can also implement important feedback mechanisms like peer reviews, office hours, user groups and other process improvements through Quickbase applications and features to accelerate safe and governed citizen development at scale.

Alongside these capabilities, Quickbase supports integration with Jira Cloud and Jira on-premise platforms which helps our customers integrate feedback and requirement gathering processes with EAP tools.