Creating your first Quickbase app

Taking a recommendation from a friend, you decide to try building an app using Quickbase. Your friend sent you a link to the Quickbase website, and you found your way to the builder program. After signing up and verifying your email address, you log into your Quickbase builder domain by clicking the link provided in your welcome email. Immediately you're greeted with an opportunity to create your first app.

Note: Please log into your Quickbase account and open the application in another window so that you can easily go between this guide and Quickbase. If you haven't already done so, please close all dialogues and navigate to the My Apps tab.

The My Apps page in Quickbase is the central repository for all the apps that you create or have access to. You can always return here by clicking the My Apps tab in the app bar.

Let's take the plunge and create our first app:
1. From the My Apps page, click the Create new app button
2. Click Start from scratch and select Next
3. Name the app: Order Tracking App
4. Give the app a description: Track Customer Orders
5. Select an icon to represent your app
6. Select a color for the app
7. Click Create app