Lacrosse Unlimited unified retail and e-commerce processes with Quickbase

Lacrosse Unlimited’s first lacrosse specialty retail store was founded in Long Island, New York in 1990. Since then, the apparel producer and retailer’s brand grew to 44 retail storefronts with a vibrant online presence. President Joseph “JoJo” DeSimone realized the value of Quickbase and set to work building out a CRM system to unify offline retail, team, and eCommerce sales activity into a single platform.

Along the way, Lacrosse Unlimited’s Quickbase solution reduced the need for a dedicated IT team by providing its staff a single platform to handle diverse and complex business processes. The system has been instrumental in boosting efficiency, reducing costs, better managing production needs and key partnerships—while also bringing harmonization to supply chain management, customer retainment, and business development activities.

Quickbase delivered a unified strategy for evolving Lacrosse Unlimited’s business potential by streamlining essential workflows, automating processes, and creating the means to generate business intelligence insights through reports that capture activity in each of its business divisions.


  • Deploy a simple and easy-to-launch CRM platform requiring little programming knowledge
  • Bring retail production, sales, and business development activities into a single platform
  • Unify business processes to reduce costs, boost efficiency, and implement automated solutions
  • Transform potential by delivering a company-wide dashboard and organizational framework for tackling key challenges
  • Reduce the need for a dedicated information security budget by empowering citizen development of key business application infrastructure
  • Implement a flexible framework for success that brings distributed retail and online business divisions in alignment


  • A CRM platform for bringing clarity to production, sales, fulfillment, and customer retainment functions
  • A framework for unifying retail production, warehouse, on and off-line business development activities
  • An internal dashboard to vastly simplify on-going IT maintenance activities
  • A system for improving the efficiency of business operations by creating a stable low-code development environment
  • Reporting structures for culling business intelligence insights from the micro and macro trends driving success


  • Enhanced business development activities by bringing core processes in alignment and promoting greater efficiency across teams
  • A single platform for scaling operations and developing the solutions needed to maintain and grow competitive advantage
  • Real-time insights into supply chain management and sales activities
  • A flexible framework for optimizing business processes to reduce costs and promote a culture of innovation