Flexibility in Fleet Management Using a No-Code Platform

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Flexibility in Fleet Management Using a No-Code Platform Covid-19 changed the world seemingly overnight, forcing organizations across the globe to change and adapt. Fleet managers are constantly facing disruptions, from natural disasters to supply chain shortages. Being able to shift gears quickly and build agility to reduce the impact on your operations is a must to keep up with today's pace. The need to implement flexible solutions like a no-code platform is critical for fleet managers to improve safety and reduce expenses. In fact, those that implemented workflow automation tools to their practices are seeing positive ROI in 11 months or less. Join Jen Bensi from Quickbase and Scott Burday from Trinity to learn how innovative fleet management organizations are tackling these challenges & how they are leveraging no-code platforms to: Improve overall visibility into fleet management and operations Leverage fleet data to make decisions Streamline vehicle inspections, work orders, and maintenance schedules