FastField and Quickbase: Connecting the Field and the Office

Your teams can capture field data, in real-time or offline, with FastFieldÃ"ÇÖs mobile forms and send it right to Quickbase. Say goodbye to data delays as your field data powers new insights and kicks off your automated workflows to keep the rest of your team moving. Just like Quickbase, FastField has the customization you need to collect field data whether your teams are tracking maintenance requests, inspections, work orders, safety and compliance, or other tasks that take them into the field. This webinar will cover: - How Quickbase and FastField work together - Creating mobile forms to capture field data, in real-time or offline - Newly enhanced Integration and Admin capabilities between Fastfield and Quickbase - Q&A Session to take your questions We canÃ"ÇÖt wait to introduce you to how combining Fastfield and Quickbase creates a flexible mobile experience for your team wherever their work takes them.