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Office Hours with Kirk

Monday - Friday | 1-2pm ET

During this daily event, you can ask questions and get answers from our Quick Base guru Kirk.

On-Demand Webinars

Streamline Manufacturing Operations with a Low-code Platform

Learn how Metso, an industrial machinery manufacturer, improved their processes and saved $1 million annually

Introducing Pipelines

Learn how Quick Base can transform workflows across your entire software ecosystem with the exciting new capabilities powered by our upcoming Pipelines technology.

Fireside Chat: Solving EHS Challenges To Achieve Real-Time Visibility

Hear how Harvey Building Products is streamlining their EHS data collection and reporting to improve compliance practices and create a safer work environment.

“Turning Continuous Improvement Into Your Competitive Advantage”

Find out how to overcome time-consuming processes, improve decision making, and scale change across your company.

Better Every Day: How To Scale & Sustain Your Process Improvements

20 min

Discover new ways to make your process improvements drive better business performance

Solving the HR Puzzle

60 min

How 2 HR Leaders Use Tech to Solve Everything from Onboarding to Organizational Change

Tackling HR Process Challenges

20 min

Come learn how you can overcome the challenges outdated tools pose to HR processes like onboarding and performance management.

What Are Your Field Teams Missing?

20 min

By improving your field services operations, you can increase customer satisfaction while ensuring an efficient, safe work environment. See for yourself how the right tools can make all the difference in this demonstration.

Project Management for Field Teams

20 min

Learn how you can use Quick Base to keep your teams in the field as up-to-date as those in the office.

How to Automate your Apps with Clicks, Not Code

60 min
Learn how to identify manual work that's holding back your team's productivity and automate these tasks with our easy-to-use Quick Base Automations.

Secrets to Spreading Quick Base Across Your Organization

60 min

Discover proven strategies from customers to expanding Quick Base across your organization. Learn how to drive significant business improvement and how to advance your career.

Your Roadmap to Process Improvement

60 min

Get a 5-step plan to faster processes and more productivity. Empower teams to define and streamline workflows that drive transparency, efficiency, and speed.


Moving Beyond Spreadsheets to Manage Business Growth

30 min

Hear why business leaders are empowering their teams to use customizable databases, instead of spreadsheets, to automate processes and reporting.

Gaining Control Over Shadow IT

45 min

In this free webinar, John Rymer, Forrester Research's VP & Principal Analyst, explains how IT leaders are gaining control over Shadow IT.

Cut Your IT Backlog by 50% in Minutes

30 min

Find out how your IT team can handle the growing number of requests from business users using rapid app development platform in this on-demand webinar.

Leaving Your Legacy Systems Behind

60 min

Discover how to reduce maintenance costs and boost productivity by modernizing your IT systems in this on-demand webinar.


You’ve Outgrown Microsoft Access – Now What?

30 min

You've probably been frustrated by Access many limitations: hard to use interface, and lack of mobile support. Learn how to end your Access frustration today.

5 Ways You’re Using Spreadsheets Wrong

30 min

Discover the 5 signs of spreadsheet misuse. Learn a better way to work, without having to give up your favorite spreadsheets.

Working with (ever growing numbers of) Business Users

60 min

Learn how innovative IT leaders are effectively using no-code development platforms to achieve higher productivity and lower risk.