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Inflationary crunch: How can construction firms bolster margins?

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Inflationary crunch: How can construction firms bolster margins?

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Description & speakers

The UK construction sector is currently facing a time of unprecedented inflationary pressure, with rising energy prices, an ongoing skills crisis and higher interest rates all continuing to impact the industry. And with clients becoming increasingly cautious about launching new projects It is more important than ever that construction firms find a way to maximise margins on their existing workbook.

In this session we will look to explore how real-time visibility into your building projects can provide scope for them to be delivered with higher operating margins, as well as discussing the ways in which this visibility can be achieved. Our panel of experts, who have been drawn from across the construction supply chain, will also discuss the challenges and barriers to these measures being implemented and how they can be overcome.

Chair: Jordan Marshall

Special Projects Editor, Assemble Media Group

Vimal Nair

Former VP of International, Quickbase

Chris Carr

Joint Managing Director, Carr & Carr; Vice President, FMB

Kevin P'ng

Commercial Director, BW: Workplace Experts