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Understanding the SEC climate disclosure ruling and the cost of non-compliance

Join us for an important webinar on the groundbreaking new climate change rule passed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), a pivotal regulatory milestone in the US. This session will delve into the extensive requirements set forth for companies to disclose a wide range of climate-related information, including energy usage, greenhouse gas emissions, and risk management strategies, in their filings.

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Understanding the SEC climate disclosure ruling and the cost of non-compliance

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Practical guide for compliance

We will explore the critical role of data in this transformation, addressing the challenges and practical solutions in ESG reporting — from improving data quality and volume to overcoming fragmentation. Learn how these new regulations mark a significant shift towards transparency, demanding data accuracy and accessibility on par with financial disclosures.

Learn how technology can aid in meeting new standards, streamlining processes, and enabling a unified reporting approach. Whether you're a business leader, compliance officer, or sustainability expert, this webinar will provide the insights and tools to navigate the SEC's climate change rule complexities and use technology for efficient ESG reporting.

Get the information you need to know about this regulation in this webinar, featuring Founder and Managing Member at Emerald Built Environments, LLC Laura Steinbrink and Director of Customer Advisory at Quickbase Anthony Offredi. The discussion will include:

  • an overview of the latest SEC final ruling, passed on March 6, 2024.
  • a practical guide to understanding the impacts of SEC regulations and what you can do to starting today to move forward in compliance.
  • helpful guidance on what to do to comply with this complex rule.
  • the opportunity to meet with experts who can help answer your questions.

Don't miss this opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of one of the most significant regulatory undertakings in modern US history and how it can transform business practices towards a more sustainable future.

Laura Steinbrink Headshot

Laura Steinbrink

Founder / Managing Member, Emerald Build Environments, LLC
Anthony Offredi

Anthony Offredi

Director, Customer Advisory, Quickbase