Augment your construction solutions with Quickbase

Complete projects faster and better with a platform developed to help you stay on budget, meet deadlines, and optimize company operations from concept to closeout.

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Save time and get more done with your construction projects

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Enhance operational productivity with Quickbase

Automate repetitive tasks, optimize resources, and eliminate bottlenecks. Accelerate project timelines without compromising quality — and experience significantly decreased costs, less waste and rework, and higher profits.

Remove Gray Work, demolish inefficiencies

Gray Work slows down productivity, because it requires tedious ad-hoc and manual solutions. Without it, your teams can focus on more valuable work, like improving field-to-office collaboration, employee satisfaction, and talent retention.

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Increase your competitive edge

Quickbase is the first application platform built for dynamic work management. Connect your data through a single platform and keep your projects on schedule and within scope, to achieve a higher win rate and position your company for growth.

Focus on construction. Quickbase will help you with a solid foundation.

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Focus on project management instead of data collection

Protect your profits with a platform that saves time and resources, and help every team collaborate and keep construction projects on track. Create custom app templates for your unique project workflows and integrate with the way you work best.
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Manage, track, and allocate your construction resources

Get real-time visibility into equipment and assets, so resources are available when you need them. Allow your field teams to instantly access personnel, equipment, and document information wherever they are.

Install and deliver products and services

Manage change orders seamlessly to optimize profit margins, and ensure resources and inventory are available at the right place and time. Optimize your installation teams to maximize talent, drive successful service, and increase customer satisfaction.
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Orchestrate critical processes and workflows

Automate manual tasks to reduce errors, Gray Work, and wasted effort. Foster seamless collaboration from field workers to project managers, and monitor performance to stay ahead of issues.
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Administer compliance policies and procedures

Know who is on your site every day, make it easy to prevent and report incidents, and meet OSHA standards and building codes.
We found [Quickbase] very simple and easy to use. We're eliminating the inefficiencies that are inherent when jobs are complex.
Anthony Chiaradonna
CIO, Consigli Construction

Customize your Quickbase experience

Explore more Quickbase capabilities and benefits that can improve your construction project management and collaboration.


Keep your field and office teams connected with mobile-ready apps that work offline with intuitive forms.
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Reduce the need for spreadsheets and whiteboards when all of your construction projects are unified on a single platform.
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Need support with all your complex construction work? Our dynamic work management platform teams can help you build what you need.
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Join the Qrew

Meet up with construction industry peers and pros to connect, lead, learn, and grow together.

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Power your construction projects

Frequently asked questions

Quickbase’s cost varies and is based upon users and feature and functionality needs. Please visit our pricing page for more details.

Quickbase offers a wide variety of over 40 pre-built integration channels — including Procore, Autodesk, and Lucidchart — that cut out Gray Work and make complex projects simple. You can find a full list on our integrations page.

Yes, Quickbase has granular, row-level permissions to ensure each user can only access the data they’re authorized to see and/or edit. Learn more about governance here.

Yes, you can authorize third-party contractors and vendors to access your database via Quickbase.

Yes. FastField can work offline, without internet access.