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Equip your team with real-time information and minimize change orders with Quickbase.

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Centralize your construction documentation

Track your contracts, people, and equipment in real time to minimize cost and sequencing issues, by merging schedules, sharing contracts, managing change orders, and performing cost analysis. Quickbase gives you the power to customize based on your team's unique project & contract requirements.

Build trust with your clients

Your client relies on you for updates on the status of their project and to meet deadlines. Eliminate disconnected systems, mistakes, change orders, and re-forecasting. Construction management software allows builders and contractors to streamline processes, ensure compliance on-site, quickly address schedule changes, and improve communication across teams.

Maintain safety and compliance

Builders need construction management systems with features to make projects easier to manage and customers easier to please. Quickbase's construction management software is built for connecting people and centralizing information.

Integrate your programs seamlessly

Give your team immediate visibility into projects, resources, and employees with real-time updates and smooth integrations. Improve communication across your teams, whether you're in the office or on the job site.

Hurry, save your business from data fragmentation.

How does it work?

Our no-code platform lets you easily create, connect, and customize enterprise applications that fix visibility and workflow gaps without replacing a single system.
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