Managing complex projects across your real estate portfolio

Seamless collaboration and efficient work gets harder and more complex when you're dealing with constant change, like labor shortages and unpredictable markets. Learn how to overcome these challenges with Quickbase Industry Solutions VP James Boye-Doe.

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Disconnected information, processes and people have created massive inefficiencies, leading to costly project delays, duplicated work, poor cross-team collaboration, and serious long-term consequences for real estate professionals across retail businesses.
During this webinar-on-demand, James Boye-Doe, VP Industry Solutions at Quickbase will share how businesses can quickly and easily connect their critical data and workflows without disrupting a single existing system.
James Boye-Doe

James Boye-Doe

VP Industry Solutions, Quickbase
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Watch this webinar to:

  • Understand what hyper-fragmentation is, why it’s such an issue, and how it’s affecting organizations like yours
  • Identify the challenges of consumer brick-and-mortar real estate and how to use the complexity to your advantage to connect and empower your teams and business to thrive
  • Learn the 4 steps to unify your disconnected systems and overcome the data chaos that’s holding back your business
  • Hear an example of how Quickbase helped a major grocery store chain manage their complex projects with real-time project visibility, and how it’s working for them