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The third part of our Pipeline Webinar Series.

Two people build Quickbase pipelines together on a laptop


Brian Cafferelli

Brian Cafferelli, Product Marketing Manager

Brian has been helping businesses move at market speed with Quickbase since 2012. He’s worked on the Customer Care and Product Management teams in the past. He’s currently focused on connecting the builder community with new Quickbase features as part of the product marketing team.

The third in our 4-part Quickbase Pipelines webinar series

This webinar will continue to expand on the business process that we introduced in Parts 1 & 2. We’ll show you how to use Pipelines to integrate with third-party API’s, and also how to format your data correctly for each system in order to ensure that there’s no interruption to your workflow.

During the webinar we will demonstrate the creation of Pipelines that use the JSON Handler to integrate with third party tools that we don’t provide native integration channels for. We will also provide an introduction to Jinja templating to provide crucial techniques that will help you reformat and modify that data, creating truly most comprehensive integrations possible.

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