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Mastering Large Commercial Solar Projects With Data-Driven Tech

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Mastering Large Commercial Solar Projects With Data-Driven Tech

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In 2024, solar power is expected to outpace hydropower for the first time. It’s going to be a big year with several factors playing a key role: new clean energy and climate laws, an increase in capacity to 36 GW, state incentives, lower material costs and high environmental awareness.

Construction companies that build large commercial solar projects are ramping up for the expected buildout. In this webinar, learn from experts in the industry how to manage the complexities of these projects, such as compliance and regulations, tax credits and incentives, and related matters such as wages and apprenticeships. Experts also will show how AI and data-driven technology is enabling construction companies to move faster and make better decisions on solar projects with:

  • access to real time project data
  • forecasts of supply needs and potential disruptions
  • streamlined project processes
Alex Pederson, Senior Solutions Consultant

Alex Pederson

Senior Manager, Solutions Consulting, Quickbase
Jesse Jenkins Headshot

Jesse Jenkins

Assistant Professor of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering and Andlinger Center for Energy & Environment, Princeton University