Building a master plan for construction project data

Learn how to maximize productivity while minimizing costs, and learn how to address the roots of construction project delays with a solution that fits how your teams prefer to work.

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Control your complex projects.

During this webinar hosted by Construction Business Owner Magazine & Digital Media, Meghan Milam and Anthony Offredi will lead a practical discussion around how to regain and maintain control over your construction project data.

Anthony Offredi

Anthony Offredi

Director, Customer Advisory Team, Quickbase
Meghan Milam

Meghan Milam

Senior Solutions Marketing Manager, Quickbase
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In this webinar, you'll learn how to:

  • Create strategies around building a construction data master plan
  • Identify the causes of disconnected workflows challenging your business
  • Improve data visibility and project completion time in your own business
  • Proactively address project risks and unfocused activities