Boyett Construction grows business with Quickbase

Boyett Construction is a specialty subcontractor that has built its reputation one job at a time. As it grew, the company needed a better way to ensure that it was delivering consistent quality across an increasing number of jobs. Quickbase helps Boyett Construction handle more projects by centralizing all aspects of every job in one easy-to-use interface.


  • Paper-based processes and lack of standardization impacted efficiency and ability to scale
  • Difficult to track status across multiple concurrent projects
  • Risk of delays, fines, and loss of customers due to inability to report quickly and coordinate and control thousands of actions in motion


  • Quickbase app provides more flexible, less costly solutions than out-of-the-box options
  • Fast delivery of employee-inspired solutions that match familiar processes
  • Dashboards and automated alerts that put the right information in the right hands at the right time


  • Consistent, quality results and lower risks
  • Answers are just a click away with centralized access to project and materials data
  • Ability to handle more concurrent projects for accelerated business growth and reduced overhead
  • Innovation that empowers staff and delights contractors and manufacturers for which Boyett Construction is a distributor

Modern solutions to old-school problems

With 150 commercial construction projects underway annually in the San Francisco area, Boyett Construction is a busy and growing sub-contractor with a top-notch reputation for reliability in a specialty niche known for challenges. In the past, projects were managed using spreadsheets, emails, and texts, as well as lots of in-person conversations across offices, warehouses, and job sites. With so many moving parts to coordinate, and little room for error, the only way to ensure quality and timeliness was to limit the number of projects the firm could take on at once which hampered growth.

We had reached our saturation point. To support business growth without impacting quality, we needed a way to standardize everything and put the latest information at our staff's fingertips.

Vern Boyett
CEO of Boyett Construction

Streamlining business processes

To drive greater efficiency, Boyett Construction standardized communications, data collection, tasks, and processes on the Quickbase platform by building a customized app called "BMS". The app supports all parts of the firm's Office & Field business, from bidding to closeout.

The BMS app can handle everything we want it to do; I'd put it up against any ERP system.

Maria Acuna
Built the app while part of the IT team at Boyett Construction

At its core, the BMS app is a centralized data repository that houses the latest project information collected from over 30 roles and several corporate systems. Customized dashboards are seamlessly populated, notifications and reports are automatically generated, and one-off reports can be compiled in minutes. All these features help Boyett Construction's workforce to get more done, make better decisions, and consistently deliver the best possible service.

Once we developed a couple of dashboards and information started flowing, people immediately saw the advantages and wanted to know when they were getting their own dashboards.

Vern Boyett
CEO of Boyett Construction

How it works

For many years, Boyett Construction has relied on its Quickbase app to orchestrate every part of every job with perfect timing from estimates and materials ordering to project management and problem resolution. In a world where delays can trigger fines of $200,000 per day, that kind of capability has bottom-line impact.

Quickbase innovation also drives a more productive and satisfying work environment which has enabled Boyett Construction to not only retain and attract the best talent but also build great business relationships. In the highly competitive construction industry, having the best people and providing the best service goes a long way in consistently winning new and repeat business.

It's huge when a contractor calls in with a question and one of our team members can get them an answer while they're on the phone. It's not what they're used to, and we get a lot of WOWs!

John Khau
Vice President of Boyett Construction

Higher workforce efficiency within Boyett Construction's Office & Field business has also enabled the firm to take on more projects and grow faster something that wouldn't have been possible without Quickbase.

That growth and success has also spread to others, especially Boyett Construction's materials manufacturers. For ASSA ABLOY, a leading global manufacturer of door assemblies, this has translated into a 250% increase in annual sales from the firm, which now purchases $21 million dollars in materials a year.

Boyett Construction has also become one of the manufacturer's most valued distributors. ASSA ABLOY recently created a network of lean distributor partners (chosen from hundreds of distributors) to help drive greater efficiencies throughout the industry, and Boyett Construction was named among the top four "with the capability and systems in place to support ASSA ABLOY'S efforts."

Quickbase has been a real game changer in enabling us to differentiate ourselves in this industry. Contractors are more comfortable giving us jobs because they know we can handle it, and ASSA ABLOY knows they made the right decision when they opened up Boyett Construction as a distributor.

Vern Boyett
CEO of Boyett Construction