DetailMGR Drives Real-Time Insights with an Integrated Solution Built on Quickbase

DetailMGR Drives Real-Time Insights with an Integrated Solution Built on Quickbase

As a provider of detailing services to auto dealerships throughout the Southeast, DetailMGR prides itself on delivering fast, high-quality service to all of its customers. To scale with its ambitions, DetailMGR needed a better way to track and manage labor, inventory, and chemical costs. The solution was a system built on Quickbase, integrated with a mobile app and wireless printing, that enables DetailMGR to reduce costs, deliver better service, and gain new customers.


  • Little visibility into auto detailing processes and performance
  • Difficulty tracking and managing labor and chemical costs
  • No way to demonstrate service improvements to dealership clients
  • Lack of off-the-shelf software for managing detailing service business


  • Quickbase application for tracking and managing service washes, labor costs, time sheets, and other key information
  • Mobile application for barcode scanning and VIN decoding
  • Integration with portable Bluetooth printer for fast generation of work orders


  • 25% improvement in vehicle turnaround time
  • 10% reduction in labor and chemical costs
  • More efficient inventory management
  • Shareable reporting to demonstrate service and value to dealerships

DetailMGR is a company on the move. As a provider of car washing and detailing services to auto dealerships, DetailMGR has a proven track record of delivering high-quality service with maximum efficiency.

As business grew under owner and CEO Kent Hendricks, so did the need for a system to track service activities, inventory, labor costs and other key data for multiple customers with different requirements.

"Every one of our customers runs their business a little differently. We needed a software solution that could give us visibility and accountability, and that could adjust to each of their business models,"" says Hendricks.

The first step was to move away from paper and spreadsheets and consolidate key data in an Quickbase application. From a central dashboard, the DetailMGR team can track every important part of his business — including the details of every car serviced at every dealership, how long each car was in service, which employees worked on the car, what chemicals were used in each service and more.

The Advantage of Integration

Hendricks realized that to take his solution to the next level, he would need to make it easier for his employees to log information so they could move more cars through the process.

With help from Trinity Integrated Solutions, a Quickbase Solution Provider, DetailMGR was able to roll out an integrated solution that puts the company on the leading edge of multiple technologies. Trinity developed a custom mobile app with built-in VIN scanning and decoding, plus an integration with a Bluetooth-enabled wireless printing system.

"We don't just work with Quickbase — we work with many technologies. In this case, we needed to bring all of those together to work in perfect synergy,"" says Charles Guilbert, Solution Architect, Trinity Integrated Solutions.

Now, employees begin service by opening the DetailMGR app on their device and scanning the VIN number of the car. Once service is complete, employees can print a service receipt from a printer they wear on their bodies and leave it in the car.

The result is a 25% improvement in DetailMGR's overall turnaround time for its vehicles and better management of labor and chemical costs.

"We have a real-time view of our activities at every location,"" says Hendricks. "This app has led to improved customer service, faster delivery of customer vehicles, better reporting and metrics, and an improved bottom line."

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