Cura Deuda drives powerful marketing campaigns with Quickbase and Workato

Cura Deuda drives powerful marketing campaigns with Quickbase and Workato

Fast-growing startup Cura Deuda wanted all the value of a robust marketing automation platform without breaking the bank to pay for it. The flexibility of Workato and Quickbase working together enabled the company to share data across multiple cloud systems, effectively offering a chance to build a highly-customized marketing system out of its existing technology investments.


  • Multiple SaaS systems managing different parts of the customer lifecycle
  • No in-house IT staff or coding skills
  • Robust marketing automation systems too expensive


  • Workato as a platform for integrating Quickbase and other cloud systems
  • No-code recipes that pass data and trigger the right actions at the right time
  • Automation of key marketing and customer service processes


  • Improved sales productivity from customized marketing campaigns
  • Reduced need for manual data entry tasks
  • Cost savings compared to expensive automation systems

As it grew quickly, debt relief startup Cura Deuda needed a better way to manage its entire customer lifecycle — from leads to acquisition to customer service. With no in-house IT department and no coding skills, Cura Deuda relies on no-code SaaS tools like Quickbase, Unbounce, Zendesk, Mailchimp, and Twilio to manage the entire process.

While getting up and running with each tool is relatively easy, creating a seamless workflow — in which the right data triggers the right actions in the right tool — hasn't always been. While Cura Deuda had successfully connected Quickbase and other cloud apps through built-in features like Quickbase Sync and with Zapier integrations, the partnership between Quickbase and Workato opened the door to a seamless system for customer lifecycle management.

The flexibility of Workato and Quickbase working together has enabled Cura Deuda to start building a drip marketing and lead conversion system that is every bit as powerful as robust marketing automation systems at a fraction of the price.

First, leads are collected via landing pages created with Unbounce, and their data is passed into Quickbase, which acts as the central CRM and system of record for customer data. Depending on the customer's particular debt relief needs (as entered into the Quickbase CRM), Cura Deuda can prioritize the lead and pass it to the appropriate sales rep. Simultaneously, Workato passes the lead data into Mailchimp, which triggers a drip email campaign, and into Twilio, which automates text messages to the prospect.

Once a prospect becomes a customer, their customer service issues are handled in Zendesk, with records of every interaction stored simultaneously in both Zendesk and Quickbase.

At every stage of the customer lifecycle, Quickbase and Workato work together to create a seamless flow of automated actions and rock solid data integrity. The company has improved sales productivity, reduced manual data entry, and saved thousands of dollars compared to the licensing fees for robust marketing automation systems.

"Quickbase is our backbone, but before Workato we had no way to keep information updated in all of our systems," says Cura Deuda co-CEO Daniel Carvallo. "Now we can create customized marketing campaigns across multiple systems for much less than buying new software or coding custom integrations would cost."

For a deeper look at how Cura Deuda integrated Quickbase and other tools using Workato, check out this post on the Workato blog.