"We simply would not be able to sustain our growth and pursue new markets and opportunities without Quick Base."

Bruce Squibb

Able Services Drives Operational Excellence with Quick Base

Fast-growing facilities management company drives operational excellence with a connected suite of Quick Base apps


  • Difficulty harnessing data from increasing numbers of locations, employees, and clients
  • Needed to customize and streamline KPI reporting to clients


  • Technology that can collect and organize data from day-to-day operations
  • Customized dashboards and reports that keep all stakeholders informed and up to date
  • Fast workflow building with Quick Base Automations
  • Ecosystem of service partners to provide advanced functionality


  • Competitive advantage through ability to customize client experience
  • Dramatic reductions in time required for critical operational and reporting processes
  • Rapid response to customer needs and pain points

The Challenge

In the last decade of Able Services’ 90-year history, the company experienced tremendous growth, becoming the largest privately-owned provider of janitorial, engineering, and integrated facilities management (IFM) services in the USA. Its workforce of over 17,000 serves a wide range of clients from Corporate Real Estate, medical manufacturers, museums, schools, and sports venues.

Able’s leadership undertook an enterprise-wide initiative to update and consolidate operational processes and programs within a single, integrated cloud-based platform. The goal was to standardize operations and company reporting by improving how its employees do their work every day.

“We needed a more consistent way to report on key performance indicators [KPIs] across our services,” says Bruce Squibb, Director of IFM Program Management at Able Services. “We chose Quick Base for its value, ease of app creation and customization, long range forecast, and technology roadmap. We felt we could count on it to grow with us as we developed our platform.”

The Solution

Quick Base gave Able Services a flexible platform to quickly build end-to-end process management systems. Branded by the development team as the new “EnAble Platform,” Quick Base allows everyone from frontline hourly workers to C-Suite executives to work more efficiently, share information across the organization, make better decisions, deliver consistent high-quality outcomes, and generate more value for customers.

The built-in reporting capabilities of Quick Base mean fresh insights at company headquarters, operations centers, and client sites. Able’s clients can simply log into Quick Base to view personalized dashboards on the EnAble platform with all relevant information from any device.

The Quick Base-powered Enable Platform also helps drive consistency, transparency, efficiency, and flexibility in the most rigorous environments. For example, by creating a Quick Base app with a master table of standard operating procedures, Able Services can preserve operational consistency, while quickly producing client specific data sets that dovetail to their unique scopes of work, industry/regulation parameters, and information access needs.

“Our EnAble platform, built on Quick Base allows our clients to comply with and easily pass industry audits making us a trusted partner,” says Squibb.

Quick Base Automations—a built-in Quick Base feature that enables users to automate actions across any number of Quick Base applications—gives Able Services the ability to create complex workflows with just a few clicks.

Quick Base Solution Providers (QSPs) including Data Collaborative, Trinity Integrated Solutions, and Sympo, Inc. provide an “as needed” layer of support for more advanced app functionality and structure support.

“Our QSPs have become an extension of our team and an educational resource,” says Heather Bryant, IFM Platform Manager at Able Services, and Quick Base Certified Builder. “They pass along their expertise so that we fully understand the features being implemented within our applications.”

The Benefits

The EnAble solution gives Able Services an advantage over its competitors, most of whom rely on out-of-the-box software to report on the services they provide. The ability to present customized dashboards and metrics to fit a client’s needs help Able Services separate from the pack.

“Heather and I are active participants in every business development opportunity and sales presentation—from building out a proposal to doing live demos of the Enable Platform,” says Squibb.

Existing clients also value updates to their apps, such as a new dashboard or report; updates can be discussed and delivered all in the same day.

The ability to standardize and automate processes with Quick Base is driving real business value including:

  • Using real-time data to spot performance trends before they become a service failure
  • Reducing the time to generate specific reports from 1 week to 1 hour
  • Eliminating the need for building static presentations due to live interactive dashboards
  • Increasing customer value and trust by providing view access to operational KPI’s in real time

“We’re a rapidly growing billion-dollar organization,” says Squibb. “We simply would not be able to sustain our growth and pursue new markets and opportunities without Quick Base helping us deliver operationally for our customers. We’re very proud of what we’ve built with Quick Base, and believe it represents a best-in-class operating model.”

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