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Data Collaborative's technology pros have been consulting for Quick Base users since Quick Base was invented. We understand how business works, from sole proprietorships to Fortune 500 companies. So whether you need a new application, help integrating with QuickBooks or Excel, porting legacy applications to Quick Base, syncing with mobile devices and more, we can efficiently and affordably find the right solution for your business. We also provide customized training and phone support. We serve clients all over the United States, Canada and increasingly in Europe, Asia and Central and South America. Contact us for a free consultation. Let us help you take your data to the cloud!

Business Skill

  • Application Development
  • Business Process Analysis
  • Integration with other Software
  • Training
  • Technical Support

Technical Skill

  • CSS
  • HTML
  • Java
  • Javascript
  • PHP

Add-On Products From Data Collaborative

DC Search and Add Dialog

The Search and Add Dialog Utility is designed to help prevent duplicates from being entered.

DC Encrypt

Encrypt sensitive data on a field by field basis

DC PicBase

Upload photos to Quickbase directly from mobile device. Currently only for Windows chrome or Android Chrome

DC Multi-File Upload

The multi-file upload utility allows a user to add one or more files to Quick Base using drag & drop

DC Merge for Quick Base

Generate Microsoft Word mail merge documents and Excel reports from your Quick Base data with this handy application.

DC Add Record Utility

Improve the user experience within QuickBase by presenting the user with a modal dialog to add data to one or more tables at a time.

DC Import

Allows a user to import a pre-defined CSV file into QuickBase

DC Quick Base and QuickBooks Integration

Seamlessly integrate Quick Base and QuickBooks with this application, which provides a powerful project management and data entry solution.

DC Inflate/Deflate

Easy, customizable way of dramatically reducing the data space required for many QuickBase applications.

DC Dev Tools for Quick Base

Set of tools to enhance how code is displayed using an ACE editor field to edit back-end code.

DC Grid Edit

Display a dialog with a set of configurable columns allowing you to add, edit, or delete rows from a table.

DC Many-to-Many Handler

The many to many handler is a highly configurable tool to support the data entry process around many-to-many relationships.

DC Project Linqq

Seamlessly integrate QuickBase and QuickBooks with this application, which provides a powerful project management and data entry solution.

DC Weekly Time Card Data Entry App

Allows a user to enter a week's worth of time cards on a single dialog.

DC Insight for Quick Base

Inexpensive, easy to use automated application documentation system within Quick Base.

DC Signature

Add this simple feature to your Quick Base forms and save the signature as an image file attached to your records.

DC Delete with Children

Used to delete a parent record and its related child records from a configurable number of tables.

DC Credit Card Processing

DC credit card processing allows the Quick Base user to process credit card charges from within Quick Base.


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Working smarter and more collaboratively

By , McDonald's Canada on August 6, 2019

When I moved into my current role with McDonald's it was immediately obvious that we had some opportunities to work more effectively and collaboratively for the major initiatives that required my immediate oversight. We had a very manual process, mostly Word and Excel, for tracking milestone completion and accountability with a number of stakeholders and team members from several departments. Based on an earlier introduction to project management via Quick Base, I realized we could be more effective - and that is where the Data Collaborative team was able to assist! They were able to quickly help us map out our processes and identify how we could automate the tracking, reporting and management of our workflow and key deliverables. Within a few months of implementing the first application they built for us, we were able to realize a complete reversal in our success rates and now missed deadlines are the exception. We have even just implemented a second application that is integrated with our first one that leverages shared information with yet another group who relied completely on spreadsheets and email to work together. We look forward to further opportunities to improve and will be coming back to Data Collaborative each time.

Review of Data Collaborative

By , Vows Bridal Outlet on July 23, 2019

I own a large bridal retail business and Data Collaborative and Quick Base have been instrumental in its success. I use Quick Base to run various aspects of my business including HR, POS, Inventory Management and Appointment Scheduling. Data Collaborative has been with me from the start and provided creative solutions along the way I could never have developed on my own. Most importantly, they have aways been very responsive and timely. The ROI in working with Data Collaborative has been phenomenal. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a Quick Base Solution Provider.

Projects Map

By , International College of Dentists on July 18, 2019

The assistance I received from Data Collaborative has been very helpful, responsive and professional -- resolving nearly all of my issues with our software needs.

Cost Analyst

By , Haverfield Aviation on July 8, 2019

The documents Data Collaborative created for our Quick Base database have made an incredible difference in our accounting processes! If an issue arises with previously created forms due to coding, server statuses and/or expired PHP syntax; Data Collaborative, more specifically, Lisa Sullivan, Director of Business Development is always quick to have her developer dive in and fix our problem immediately. They are a dynamic group of individuals who work diligently to solve the problem at hand.

Cost Analyst

By , Haverfield Aviation on July 8, 2019

Data Collaborative created two forms for us; 1 with electronic signatures for our Customers the other to produce on the spot billing sheets. Both have positively impacted our Accounting processes. Most appreciative, is the turn around time when we have a sudden problem due to server status or expired PHP syntax and the like. Lisa Sullivan, Director of Business Development, immediately has her developer(s) jump in and resolve promptly, communicating with me through out the process. I'm grateful for their diligence and attentiveness to our needs.

Building A Repository

By , PepsiCo on June 25, 2019

Data Collaborative built a repository that enables our team to update project details and milestones daily. This tool is the starting point of a full project management solution that the team will utilize in the future. This same data prior was stored on excel spreadsheets and took hours to convert into a usable monthly report for leadership reviews. Today this summarized report takes a matter of minutes to run and the result is a very comprehensive report utilized with senior leadership. Data Collaborative also built functionality to push data into a single PDF file and / or a workbook that is used to host functional team reviews and/or formal governance reviews. The tool has eliminated some administrative work for our team and we want to thank Data Collaborative for their great support and partnership through this journey. We look forward working with them on the next phase of this project.

Professional, reliable service

By , Cardax on January 23, 2019

It's been a pleasure working with Data Collaborative and especially Gene. They were timely with the delivery of our project and responsive to our aggressive timeline and evolving scope of work. The scoping process was straight forward. The DC team comprehended our project well, citing prior experience with building similar applications. DC was very respectful of our aggressive timeline and provided a quote shortly after our initial discussion. Of the providers we interviewed, DC was the most compliant with proposing a custom solution that fit our needs (vs. working from a template without all the functionality we desired). We kicked off the project right away, starting with identifying the tables, relationships, fields, and forms required. This process was quick and iterative until we reached an appropriate structure. Our evolving and expanding specs were greeted with patience and understanding. Gene took the time to educate us along the way, so that we would be empowered to modify the application on our own. I'd highly recommend Data Collaborative for your Quick Base project.

Outstanding Work!

By , Brownlee-Morrow Company on March 6, 2018

With complex and, albeit quirky, CRM design requirement, the team at Data Collaborative (Lisa Sullivan, Dan Pettengill, and who can't leave out Reid Byers!) were OUTSTANDING in their professionalism, quick response, timely updates and most of all, patience with a tight deadline and lots of last minute add-on's, changes, etc. We are greatly appreciative of all of their hard work and hand-holding as we begin the new journey with the Quick Base application. I am positive we could not have completed this implementation without their help. I would recommend Data Collaborative to anyone from my closest peers to even competitors (well, competitors might be a stretch). :)

Great team!

By , Fountain Partnership on February 14, 2018

The team at Data Collaborative could not have been more helpful - I really felt that we were building the app in partnership. I would not hesitate to recommend them. Thank you Eric, Mabel, Lisa & team!

Software Developer

By , LTC Consulting Services on January 25, 2018

Everyone on the team was pleasant to work with. Steve Wishengrad was great, he picked up very quickly what our business needs were and was able to translate our business needs into clear documentation that gave us the confidence to proceed with the project. Tristian the lead developer was extremely helpful and technically savvy. He gave freely of his time even for questions that were not necessarily directly related to the project at hand. Lisa Sullivan was a pleasure to deal with - pleasant, nice and very professional. We felt that their approach was to build a real relationship with us and not necessarily to charge us for each second of their time. This is something we appreciate tremendously and we look forward to working with them on additional projects that we have planned.

Great Assistance with Quick Base

By , McWilliams Ballard, Inc. on January 8, 2018

I highly recommend the Data Collaborative for assistance with the Quick Base platform. Eric took the time to first listen and get a true understanding of our corporate goals and database needs, and how we were using Quick Base to satisfy our objectives. He also took the time to allow me to show him how we set up the foundation of our database and the logic behind our earlier efforts. This upfront communication really helped in getting our needs resolved quickly and correctly. It was also comforting to have someone review the foundation of our database to ensure it was built correctly at the onset and minimize the risk of future unforeseen problems. McWilliams Ballard will certainly work with the Data Collaborative in the future as we embark on new uses for our Database.

Developed great additional functionality

By , Versum Materials on November 16, 2017

Our forecasting application required our users to populate many months of volume and price data. Steve Wishengrad and his team created custom auto-fill in functionality where our users can now just enter the values that change and the auto-fill in populates the months in between. This saves us a great deal of time and as such the application has been better received by our users. Steve's team is quick and accurate and their assistance has consistently helped us improve our applications.

Data Collaborative - Electronics Signature

By , ETR on November 16, 2017

I recently worked with the team at Data Collaborative to integrate an e-signature into my app. It was a great experience and their product is top notch. I would recommend their products over others simply because they have a one time purchase model and their product works flawlessly.

Great Support

By , Boston Debate League on November 1, 2017

When I first started using Quick Base, I was not sure how this transition to this new database would turn out. Not having any previous experience with it, I imagined that the learning curve would be incredibly steep, and a great source of annoyance. Thankfully, I discovered the one factor that truly changed my experience with the software - their support line. I was paired with a dedicated professional, Reid, who was there when I had questions about the database. This ranged from troubleshooting questions, data upload issues, and brainstorming about the best way to achieve the task I was trying to accomplish. This support proved vital to my experience with Quick Base. What could have easily turned out to be a database that I actively sought to avoid using became one that I wanted to use more frequently because of its wide-ranging and powerful capabilities.

Leaping into the cloud with Quickbase

By , Horizons for Homeless Children on July 27, 2017

In late 2011, Horizons for Homeless Children’s Playspace Program decided their database needs would best be served in the cloud. The department manages over 1200 volunteers in approximately 150 play programs in homeless shelters across Massachusetts; with oversight by 5 regional offices. Up until that point, the department was using Microsoft Access on a central server, which up to 17 staff members would be using at any given time. Barriers to consistent access, included: lack of staff with Access programming and query knowledge, a server that regularly crashed, and limited access for simultaneous use by multiple staffers. We searched for a database that was scalable and cloud-based, user friendly, and could be easily customized by in-house staff. We, also, wanted to work with a company that provided superior customer service, and was able to manage and convey complex technical issues in a non-techie way. Data Collaborative didn’t disappoint! They were able to transfer over 74 tables with over 30 years of records into a customized Quickbase database, including reports, dashboard, and training for staff in less than 2 months. We were able to shut down our old Access database at 5 pm and go live with our new Quickbase database the very next morning, without a single glitch. Since rollout, Data Collaborative has been very responsive with any questions or level of support we require, although the Quickbase tools are so user-friendly that our staff is able to make many customizations without assistance. Over the last six years, we have been able to increase our organizational capacity by more efficiently and effectively managing our statewide program data. Thank you Data Collaborative!

Younia Kowal is an Amazing Quickbase and App Developer

By , Black Bear Energy on July 12, 2017

We have been working with Younia Kowal from Data Collaborative since 2016, and she has built an incredibly sophisticated and elegant tool set that is core to our procurement business. She has accomplished all this while also making the tool and data management systems accessible across our entire team. Thank you Younia!

Younia Makes Database Development Fun!

By , Massachusetts Institute of Technology on June 29, 2017

Our office has had the great pleasure of working with Younia Kowal from Data Collaborative on several projects of varying size. She has helped us create solutions that have completely altered the way we do our work, giving us the ability to collect and communicate information across departments and reporting systems to produce better results and more meaningful data. Her responsiveness to feedback, patience, creative thinking, and genuine delight in problem solving make her a talented developer and marvelous collaborator. She responds quickly and effectively to requests for support. She has also used her skill in teaching the fundamental principles behind Quick Base to help us expand our own capabilities, and ensured that we will be able to use finished projects independently. I would recommend Younia Kowal and Data Collaborative to anyone considering Quick Base as a solution, for projects big and small.

Research and Evaluation Assistant

By , Horizons for Homeless Children on June 21, 2017

The Data Collaborative has been extremely helpful to our organization since 2011. The Data Collaborative has helped Horizons with many functions. But there was one main function that I worked closely with the Data Collaborative to help construct. In the past, families and children were referred to our program through a paper referral system that was then faxed to us, which had some issues. Horizons was looking to transition from paper referrals to online referrals. This was a difficult task, but the Data Collaborative worked efficiently to transition our systems and worked diligently to make sure that it was working properly.

M&A Database

By , Abbott Laboratories on May 25, 2017

Data Collaborative helped us develop a database to track high priority regulatory items during a large business integration. Eric and his team delivered on a short timeline and the product met all expectations. I highly recommend Data Collaborative for Quickbase development.

Project resulted in time saved each day

By , MedCerts on April 19, 2017

Data Collaborative developed a routine for MedCerts that updates QuickBase records using a CSV file from a different database. This new routine has reduced this task from an average of 6 hours per day down to about 5 minutes per day. Our staff was over joyed.

Quality Work With Personal Care

By , Horizons for Homeless Children on March 6, 2017

Data Collaborative has been a wonderful partner with Horizons for Homeless Children since we created our first Quickbase App with them in 2010. The team is approachable, always reachable, and highly knowledeable. Josh Shortlidge takes time to get to know us on a personal level and make sure we feel comfortable when reaching out to him for anything. He is one in a million. Their support helps us make changes, fix challenges, as well as helps us grow in our own skills and knowledge. The best support out there.

Smart, responsive help.

By on February 1, 2017

I've only worked with Steve for a short amount of time, but he knows Quickbase well and took time to understand our goals so he could make efficient recommendations. He was a great communicator, too.

Simply Perfect!

By on October 11, 2016

I can't say enough positive things about the entire team at Data Collaborative. They are smart. They are responsive. And they know Quickbase backwards and forwards. In over 5-years of working with them (often), I've yet to present a scenario they don't have a solution for. With over 30 apps used in our company, Steve and the team at Data Collaborative have been a big key to our success. If you're looking for a trusted partner, look no further. Data Collaborative is your solution.

Data Collaborative Review

By , ShannonLoren on July 31, 2016

Data Collaborative has made such an enormous impact on our business as a whole. They have helped us grow by taking the already immensely versatile QuickBase and turning it into a pivotal part of our every day processes. Not just us, but many of the customers we deal with have benefited from the amazing work that they have done. Data Collaborative has always had a quick and thoughtful answer to all of our Quickbase requests that we didn't think were even possible. At ShannonLoren we have developed a great relationship with Younia Kowal. Every project she has ever worked on has turned to gold and for this she is know as the Rock Star around our office. I HIGHLY recommend Data Collaborative to anyone looking to push their QuickBase applications to the limit.

Awesome Signature Capture!

By , CBS Food Program on June 28, 2016

The Data Collaborative provided our non-profit with an Electronic Signature Capture in our QuickBase Application. We can now replace cumbersome paper forms for our on-site inspections with a simple QuickBase form and have the point of contact sign off right on the screen! The team at The Data Collaborative got this done for us in less than 2 days and it works perfectly. Also, the price is definitely right compared to some other companies that charge a monthly fee for a similar service. Big thanks to the TDC!

Excellent Collaborators!

By , Historica Canada on June 16, 2016

The road to implementing new software is not a straight line. We knew where we wanted to end up but we needed help getting there. Enter Data Collaborative. They listened to what was not working for us in our previous CRM software and worked tirelessly to ensure that our new database would be functional, intuitive and user-friendly. In terms of customer service, our Data Collaborative team was attentive and accessible. They handled unexpected hiccups in the process with good humour and aplomb. Working with a large amount of data and a tight deadline could have made for a very difficult journey, but Data Collaborative got us to our destination on time and in one piece.

Review for Younia Kowal, Database Developer

By , Santa Clara University on January 19, 2016

Younia has been wonderful to work with on our project, she is knowledgeable, hard-working, quick to respond to emails, efficient, and friendly. She explains things in a clear and concise manner, which enables me to do my job better. She is honest and trustworthy with the amount of hours she needs to spend on a project and how I can get the best value. Her insightful suggestions on how to make our program better are always spot on and produce great results. I would highly recommend Younia Kowal and The Data Collaborative to anyone.

Younia Kowal

By , Minnesota Language Connection on May 11, 2015

I had the honor to work with Younia Kowal from the Data Collaborative in a project that initially started in our Customer Service Department and evolved into a complete operations system that includes employees, customers and contractors working in harmony. In 2014 we were forced to migrate our order entry platform into a different one since our vendor at the time decided to cease supporting the product. I contacted several possible companies in order to find a company that could ease our transition and help us with developing quick a solution. Many companies informed us that the market was very hot and they will engage only in a project of significant economic value. Our project was a small project and I feared that I wasn’t going to be able to find a quality coding company due to a relatively small project size. I remember placing the call to the Data Collaborative and explaining my situation. I was lucky enough to find them; they showed a commitment and passion for the industry regardless of the size of the project. Younia Kowal was assigned to our account and from the beginning she showed a strong commitment to deliver a quality product that will satisfy our needs. More importantly, she was able to identify solutions in our ordering system and she polished our process by designing a product that we never imagined would be feasible to develop. Incidentally, our order system migrated into a financial and operation system. Younia took the time to work with us and create a mobile application that integrates with our system and reduces the number of labor hours allocated to them. Currently, those labor hours are allocated to processes that create true value for our company. Younia from the beginning showed knowledge, empathy and communicated well with me. Once the product was developed we worked together learning the system. Her commitment for training us was spectacular. Younia architected the project from an abstract idea to the delivery of a well-designed, reliable and user friendly program. I strongly recommend Younia Kowal from the Data Collaborative for any project, not only for her skills in coding but most importantly for her people skills and commitment to develop a final product that can change a business. Carlos E. Andrade CEO The Minnesota Language Connection

Great Company & Developer

By , Santa Clara University on April 7, 2015

We had a wonderful experience working with Data Collaborative. They worked hard for us and were flexible to meet our crazy demands! Younia developed a product for us that works for our business and our customers who interact with the product. Thank you Data Collaborative for the great work and we highly recommend considering working with Data Collaborative

Wonderful Collaboration

By , Haverfield Aviation on April 1, 2015

Every step with Data Collaborative has been a wonderful experience. Lisa Sullivan, Account Manager and Younia Kowal, Designer provided an end product that will save time with our field personnel by creating a track-able PDF for our external customer. Younia was a joy to collaborate with on this project. I look forward to our next project at Younia's suggestion which will alter the appearance of our application to be aesthetically pleasing for our users.

An upgrade to our previous partner

By , Bresslergroup on March 24, 2015

Data Collaborative came in to fix some custom pages that we use to aggregate and display data. They were able to fix several long standing problems that the last partner could not as well as add additional functionality in a more flexible way.

Wonderful and Supportive!

By , National Wildlife Federation on October 19, 2014

Data Collaborative was extremely helpful and accommodating from start to finish. They went above and beyond to make sure that we were getting what we needed out of our Quick Base app, including allowing me to watch and learn about everything that was being done under the "teach a man to fish" philosophy. It was an empowering, educating and supportive experience throughout. Not only did Data Collaborative do everything we needed and respond quickly to us even on off-hours but they also really believe in our mission. Their passion for their work and their desire to make sure that our team was equipped to be effective and efficient was truly wonderful. I would recommend them highly to anyone interested in getting help with building their app but particularly anyone engaged in using their app for grassroots advocacy. As someone who does this work, I am used to having a lot of trouble communicating about advocacy to folks who mostly work with for-profit companies using this tool for managing sales relationships. Data Collaborative was great at understanding our "organizing jargon" and making a tool that fit our advocacy work.

Up and Running!

By on August 24, 2014

Data Collaborative helped us to convert a large spreadsheet into a working Quick Base application in a short period of time. They took time to understand our requirements and our current work process. Once the first pass app was created, they helped us to upgrade the app with scripts to automate routine tasks. With their support, we are confident we can maintain and upgrade the app going forward. We are very satisfied with the cost effective solution Data Collaborative provided to us.

Great Work

By , Midwest Trial Services on June 24, 2014

I had a custom module in Quick Base that broke after the upgrade, and these guys got it working quickly. Actually, they got it working they way it should have without having to even use a custom module.They really know their stuff!!!

Highly Recommended

By , ShannonLoren on June 8, 2014

I can't say enough good things about our experience with Younia Kowal and the Data Collaborative team. We came to them in need of some above and beyond expertise in Quick Base because we hit a few road blocks with our database and couldn't seem to find a solution to the problems we were facing. Our database is extremely complex and we were astounded at how quickly Younia was able to grasp every little detail and execute our requests. Right off the bat we could tell that Younia was friendly, knowledgable and hard working. The project deadline was extremely tight and we felt as though we were in good hands. We are very happy with the finished product and we will certainly be using Data Collaborative again in the future. Kudos to Younia and the entire Data Collaborative team!

Data Collaborative Feedback

By , Boise State University on April 1, 2014

Data Collaborative was very responsive in assisting us in developing our application. Being new to Quick Base, my contact Josh was very helpful in guiding me through the tool. I would definitely recommend to new users that they engage with a Quick Base expert prior to developing a application and would highly recommend Josh as he was very knowledgeable about Quick Base

Successful Transition from WebOffice to Quick Base!

By , Reilly Realtors, LLC on January 20, 2014

Data Collaborative made our transition from our existing Webex Weboffice to Quick Base a total breeze! Our programmer, Anne Murray, analyzed our existing Weboffice system and rebuilt it in Quick Base (and transferred the data) quickly with very little instruction. We were up and running in a few days. Our new Quick Base system is much more flexible and will allow us to grow and offer new features to our staff and Realtors. Thanks Data Collaborative!

Very Professional!

By , Supporting Strategies on January 10, 2014

Supporting Strategies has been working with Data Collaborative since 2008 and it has been far beyond an amazing experience. Not only has everyone involved in our project (Steve Wishengrad especially) done an incredible job in developing everything to suit our needs their patience has far surpassed that. Very professional and always willing to take your call with any questions and or issues.

Great partner

By , The C Three Group, LLC on January 8, 2014

We have been working with the folks at Data Collaborative for over five years. They are an integral part of our team. Steve, Tristin and the others we have worked with have an amazingly thorough knowledge of the Quick Base product, but also a great understanding of other platforms with which we sometimes have to link. When we ask dumb IT questions, we always get a pleasant and well thought through answer. They never try to "over sell" us on solutions, but suggest pragmatic, reasonable approaches. I would highly recommend the folks at Data Collaborative.

Great Partnership

By , Netricom on December 4, 2013

3 years ago, our Engineering division was growing fast. The business was being managed with Excel spreadsheets and various outdated databases. We had to do something quickly. I had no experience with Quick Base, or any other database for that matter, and I knew I needed expert help to do it right. We interviewed a number of partners and selected Data Collaborative as they were willing to work with me in the brainstorming of business solutions and also willing to teach and pass on their QuickBase knowledge. That has been a huge plus for us. I was very fortunate to have been partnered with Josh Shortlidge. It is very impressive how Josh is able to quickly learn our terminology and complex processes. Josh has a vast business & technical knowledge which has enabled him to quickly analyze and expand on my development ideas. He offers highly creative solutions, considering short and long term impacts. His vision has lead to the development of solid and dependable applications each having the flexibility to evolve with the constantly changing needs of this business. He has displayed extreme patience and amazing listening skills as I often wrestled with trying to communicate our unique requirements. Over the past 3 years Josh has continued to be available whenever I need him and always displays a sense of urgency to my requests. He is very dedicated to the success of this project and has even given me his contact information while he was on vacation in case I needed support. That, is dedication beyond my expectations. Data Collaborative has built a team of experts with a vast range of skills and technical expertise. On occasion, Josh has drawn on the skills of other team members to assist with the design and development various solutions. They work well as a team and it works well for me. Everyone I have interfaced with has proven to be very knowledgeable, professional and courteous. I look forward to our continued partnership and I highly recommend Josh and the Data Collaborative team to anyone who is looking to improve their business processes with Quick Base.

Successful Partnership

By , Institute for Community Inclusion - UMass Boston on December 2, 2013

Adopting Quick Base was a critical for our organization as demand for access to web-based database applications increased. Partnering with Data Collaborative has allowed us to provide our customers with a seamless web database experience. Their expertise on native and non-native solutions for Quick Base applications has allowed us to achieve goals we only recently thought were years away. They respond promptly when contacted, allowing us to quickly pass the roadblocks that come up when continuously developing a web database. Because of Data Collaborative we are connecting our customers with web databases that, frankly, exceed the performance of the traditional client-server applications we've been hosting for years. I highly recommend partnering with therm.

Extremely satisfied

By , Harvard University on November 25, 2013

I have been working with Eric Segal from The Data Collaborative for the past two months and it has been a wonderful experience! He has been extremely knowledgeable regarding Quick Base and has delivered time and time again all my requests for a new database application. Working with The Data Collaborative has been the best decision I made as they didn't only carry out the work I bestowed upon them, but went way beyond the call of duty both in ingenuity, responsiveness, new ideas and suggestions. I would highly recommend Eric and his company to anybody who needs assistance with Quick Base, whether it may be a small help or a full setup for a completely new database.

Excellent Partnership

By , Lifestone By Stefan on November 4, 2013

We signed on with Data Collaborative by accident. Our company was in the process of investigating Quick Base as a viable replacement to an old Access database when the Access database crashed. We were not quite ready to launch Quick Base for the entire company, but had no choice. We investigated various partner recommendations, and decided on Data Collaborative. Anne Murray came on board at the last minute and worked efficiently and professionally to get us to a functional level very quickly. We are still working with Anne 5 months later as we continue to refine and expand our uses for Quick Base. The most important aspect of our work with Anne has been her interest and ability to teach the system, rather than just implementing our customized needs. This teaching aspect of her consulting work has allowed us to gain user confidence quickly, which has been invaluable in terms of teaching the rest of the company how to maneuver through Quick Base. Working with Anne and Data Collaborative has been a great experience.


By , Legacy Flooring LW LLC on October 4, 2013

Although we had many calls to explain what we were looking to accomplish very little was covered under the agreement. Soon after starting the project we were being asked for more money. correspondences were very condescending and brash. The project started as a month duration in which after the third month we requested another partner to correct what was completed and finish what we originally thought we were getting. We were looking for a company to help walk us through the best way to structure the Quick Base app since we are not programmers. Little guidance was given and then when things did not work the way they should we were accused of changing things midway. Overall a terrible experience with very little professionalism. Our new programmers Sympo have been exactly what we expected from an Intuit partner.

Highly Recommend The Data Collaborative

By , Environmental Non-profit on September 5, 2013

I work at a small environmental non-profit that uses Quick Base for almost all of our administrative work and list management. This is my 4th year hiring the Data Collaborative to set up custom add ons for our Quick Base applications. The quality of work has been excellent. They have been able to provide technical expertise and consulting that has helped us significantly grow our email lists and reduce administrative time. I would highly recommend hiring the Data Collaborative. For us, it's made a huge difference in improving our organization.

Great partner! Very collaborative!

By , Harvard Business School on January 8, 2013

We worked with Data Collaborative and more specifically, Steve Wishengrad, to automate a custom report out of one of our Quick Base apps into a formatted word doc. It was complex due to the format and the fact that we have to operate in many different languages including Chinese and Japanese for which multibyte characters are used and need to render properly in the final reports. We were also in crunch time and had a 2 week turnaround time start to finish. Steve was great at ensuring he understood our complete needs before beginning and forced me to think about things I would never have considered, he delivered early for testing prior to the deadline, and as a few tweaks needed to be made...he responded immediately and found solutions. He even helped troubleshoot some issues that were on our side of the fence with the multibyte character issue. He went above an beyond to ensure our report worked properly and was incredibly patient and explained things very well for a non-technical person like myself. Overall, we were very impressed with the work and collaboration with Steve and Data Collaborative and would work with them again in the future.

Awesome Service

By , ExecTech on December 10, 2012

I needed PHP help and got four quotes. The other three companies wanted to create my needs into a big, expensive project. Eric at Data Collaborative understood exactly what I wanted and gave me quote that made sense. I was delighted when he was able to schedule the job for the next day. Brian Poole then worked with me directly and we accomplished everything I wanted, using screen sharing, with only a minute to spare! It was fun to work with Brian as knew what he was doing, did it quickly and taught me as much as I wanted to learn. As another reviewer wrote, they do what they say, when they say, for the fee they promise. I look forward to their help in the future!

Great Partner!

By , Avant Healthcare Professionals on November 26, 2012

Avant has worked with Data Collaborative on several different projects, with excellent results. They do what they say, when they say, and charge what they say. Highly recommended!

Data Collaborative provides excellent Quick Base Consulting

By on November 6, 2012

My experience working with the Data Collaborative in Arlington, Massachusetts, has been extremely positive. I needed assistance with enhancements to one of our custom-built applications that required Javascript code. Eric Segal, President of the Data Collaborative, personally created the necessary tables and scripting to make this application work and my customer was expremely pleased with the result. In addition, when I asked for documentation of what he did, Eric added instructions to our existing help guide; commented the code in more detail; and provided us with recorded instructions on what we would need to do to restore the application if necessary. Finally, Eric has provided a couple of very helpful training sessions for our team and has always been readily available for email and phone consultations. I highly recommend the Data Collaborative to anyone who needs additional consulting help with Quick Base.

Review of Working with Data Collaborative

By on April 12, 2012

We have been using Data Collaborative for over three years and they have been extremely helpful in totally reworking our original Quick Base solution. They made it much more efficient by adding in the ability to assign tasks, add documents and message to appropriate contacts. It hs been a very helpful relationship and we depend on them constantly.

Quickbase is Top Notch with Data Collaborative's assistance

By on April 12, 2012

Data Collaborative provides a solid foundation when it comes to their services. Their consultants instill confidence in their abilities as well as Quick Base. The work involved is handled as if it were their project. Ideas are implemented which ultimately saves our company time and money...and provides a well functioning application.

Great Partner for Non-Profits

By on April 12, 2012

The Data Collaborative has been crucial to the development and implementation of Quick Base as a tool for data management, work flow, and program evaluation. Josh and other developers at Data Collaborative worked with our team from the beginning, helping conceptualize the architecture of the Quick Base and fit it around the structure of our organization. We run schools and have a hierarchical organization: we have children, who work with multiple teachers, in multiple classrooms, across multiple schools. Data Collaborative reflected that nested structure in Quick Base, making it intuitive and easier to use. They also created an amazing student attendance table, which may be a first in Quick Base. For another program in our agency, they helped import a dated and overly-complicated Access database into Quick Base, while simplifying and cleaning the interface. They've also created a web interface for volunteer applications. Finally, Data Collaborative developers educate their clients through screen sharing and tutorials that develop great skills on the user end. Our Quick Base would not be the well-functioning, easy to use tool that it is with the team (especially Josh!) at Data Collaborative.

Quick Base Solution Survey

By on April 12, 2012

As the Project Leader for my companies build out of our Explosive Detection Canine Training program and Intelligence Analyis center I have become very familiar with the Quick Base system. The program is a very good program that is user friendly and easy to elarn to use. Our experience with the program and data collaborative have been excellent. As a company we have adapted the program to multiple uses and see ourselves continuing to apply the program in numerous other areas of our business. thank you to data collaborative and the Quick Base team. Joe Herald

Review of Data Collaborative

By on April 4, 2012

I have had a very positive experience working with Steve Wishengrad and the Data Collaborative team. Their flexible engagement model allows for an approach that enables their clients to work with them throughout the development phase which empowers their clients to learn new things about Quick Base and to effectively update their application as business needs change. In addition, Steve has demonstrated a vast knowledge of Quick Base, including best practices, and has been a very patient instructor. I would highly recommend that others seriously consider Data Collaborative for any kind of Quick Base development project.

Effectively met our needs

By on April 4, 2012

We hired Data Collaborative to develop an online document management system for our financing program to help better meet the needs of our customers and program managers. The Data Collaborative was able to deliver a finished product to us within our required timeframe and at a very reasonable price. They were very good at understanding our exact needs and then efficiently turning that into a final product. All of the users love our new system and it has far exceeded our initial expectations. I would definitely recomment Data Collaborative to others.

Wonderful Customer Service, Knowledge and Turnaround Time

By on April 4, 2012

I am writing to say that everyone I have dealt with at The Data Collaborative has been wonderful. They have been able to work with us through several scopes of work and complete them all in a timely and efficient manner. Their ongoing support is nothing short of impeccable and I would highly recommend them again and again.

Highly Recommend The Data Collaborative

By on April 4, 2012

I have been working with Data Collaborative for 16 months now and have always found them to be professional, timely responsive, and easy to work with. I can generally get a email response or returned phone call within a couple of hours and always within a 24 hour period. With any issues, a screenshot attached to an email generally does the job and the issue becomes history. I plan to continue to work with them on my current site and would have no issue recommending them to other companies.

Data Collaborative

By on April 4, 2012

My Experience to date with Data Collaborative is that they are exceptionally well suited to meeting my needs. From the initial assessment to assigning a well informed team, to responding to questions, I have never felt unattended nor unanswered. The work has been to point and review and adjustments are concise and easy to implement.

Excellent services provider

By on April 4, 2012

The Data Collaborative has been developing Quick Base application solutions for our company for the past 4 years and the company continues to exceed our expectations. Not only are they knowledgeable about Quick Base, but they are extremely skilled listeners and communicators, and take the time to thoroughly understand our needs before proceeding with each project. In addition, they are the most cost-effective Quick Base developer that I've used and never overcharge for their work. I highly recommend The Data Collaborative as a Quick Base solutions development provider. David Bozaan Corporate Director EHS

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