Extend your Quickbase functionality with add-ons.

Looking to augment your Quickbase experience further? Created by Quickbase Solution Providers, add-ons extend the functionality of your applications or integrate with your existing technologies, to help you do more with Quickbase.

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Q2QConnect App Logo
Quickbase to QuickBooks Desktop Integration. Eliminate Errors and Manual, Redundant Data Entry. Free Trial-Exclusively from VARC Solutions.
(5 Ratings)
SendToQuickBase App Logo
Save emails from any email program or smart phone into Quick Base. Also save Outlook calendar, contacts, tasks into Quick Base. Free trial.
(7 Ratings)
Exact Forms Plus! App Logo
Create Microsoft Word or PDF documents right from your Quick Base application. No macros to install and we can handle application tokens!
(5 Ratings)
QuNect ODBC for Quick Base App Logo
QuNect ODBC for Quick Base is the world's first and only ODBC driver for Quick Base.
(2 Ratings)
DocuSign for Quick Base App Logo
Fast, easy and secure way to send, sign, track and store documents in the cloud. Fully integrated with your Quick Base application.
(2 Ratings)
QScheduler App Logo
QScheduler is a web-based scheduler and calendar interface that integrates seamlessly with Quick Base.
(1 Rating)
QAutomate App Logo
QAutomate lets you populate multiple child records to your parent records with a click of a button.
(1 Rating)
Amazon S3 w/Doc Mgt App Logo
This tool is an advanced version of our Amazon S3 Basic Tool. Maintain file revisions, lock documents and reduce data storage costs.
(1 Rating)
TrinityDashboards+ App Logo
TrinityDashboards+ revolutionizes the way information is viewed in Quick Base by allowing the filtering of multiple reports at the same time
(1 Rating)
VeilChimp App Logo
VeilChimp is a bi-directional integration between Quick Base's CRM and MailChimp email marketing tool.
TrainPro Central Application App Logo
The TrainPro Central application is for training departments that need to track their instructional design projects.
(1 Rating)
Clinical Trial Business Management App Logo
A pre-built, customizable app. to manage site start up, track enrollment, collect regulatory information and financials
XL Docs App Logo
Generate Excel documents exactly the way you need
(1 Rating)
Autocomplete for Quick Base App Logo
Add autocomplete widgets to your Quick Base Forms and Home Pages (a.k.a. Dashbards) to easily locate records by typing.
(1 Rating)
Courier for Quick Base App Logo
Courier for Quick Base provides enhanced functionality when sending email notifications and reminders to Quick Base Users and Non-Users.
(1 Rating)
Audit Trail for Quick Base App Logo
Track Quick Base record views, additions, modifications, deletions and file attachment views in your Quick Base Applications.
(1 Rating)
The Form Engine for Quickbase App Logo
No-code digitize biz forms and docs of all kinds into online Quickbase forms w/ e-signatures. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Smh6jdrywk
File Attachment Multifile App Logo
Select MULTIPLE files, relate them to a single record in your Quick Base application and store them in File Attachment fields.
TSheets Integration App Logo
Connect TSheets with Quickbase. Sync timesheets, along with customer, service, and notes needed for invoicing & job costing.
FileTRAC App Logo
FileTRAC - Quick Base Drop Box Capability with Drag and Drop Interface
Google Charts App Logo
Want a chart that's not available in Quick Base? Google Charts can get you presentation-quality graphics in minutes.
QuickTRAC App Logo
Intuitive QuickBooks to Quick Base Bi-directional Integration
CalendarTRAC App Logo
Part of the ShareTRAC Solutions Suite - CalendarTRAC Solutions: Easy to Use, Intelligent and Real-Time Calendar Module
Google Drive Sync App Logo
GDrive Sync is an integration between Quick Base and Google Drive document storage.
DC Grid Edit App Logo
Display a dialog with a set of configurable columns allowing you to add, edit, or delete rows from a table.
PDF Merger App Logo
This handy add-on you will allow to join multiple PDF documents into a single PDF file.
DC Many-to-Many Handler App Logo
The many to many handler is a highly configurable tool to support the data entry process around many-to-many relationships.
FileDown+ App Logo
FileDown+ allows you to download and organize multiple file attachments from Quick Base to your hard drive or server.
FormTRAC App Logo
FormTRAC - Dynamic Form Creation and Fill with Criteria Based Sensitivity
TrinityVoIP App Logo
Integrate your Quick Base app with a VoIP solution to initiate and receive call and texts right from your Contacts
VARC Audit App Logo
Audit Trail for your Quick Base Application
TrinityScheduler App Logo
TrinityScheduler allows you to create scheduled tasks that backup, move, add or delete data from your Quick Base applications.
Access Upsizer App Logo
Automatically create a new Quick Base application from an Access database with the Access Upsizer.
DC Inflate/Deflate App Logo
Easy, customizable way of dramatically reducing the data space required for many QuickBase applications.
TrinityScan App Logo
TrinityScan can help you integrate barcode scanning into your Quick Base apps and mobile apps for complete flexibility.
DC Add Record Utility App Logo
Improve the user experience within QuickBase by presenting the user with a modal dialog to add data to one or more tables at a time.
DC Import App Logo
Allows a user to import a pre-defined CSV file into QuickBase
OPTRAC Field Service Solutions: Powerful Service Organization Infrastructure Management App Logo
Part of the ShareTRAC Solutions Suite - OpTRAC: Powerful Service Operation Infrastructure Management
Sarbanes Oxley Compliance App App Logo
This application enables basic tracking of controls, assertions and transactions for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance management.
Grapevine App Logo
Using any smartphone device enter information into your Quick Base apps - even when you're offline.
TrinityCalendar App Logo
TrinityCalendar provides the ultimate way to view and schedule calendar based data. Visualize your data in a whole new way!
QuNect Backup App Logo
QuNect Backup allows you to back up any size Quick Base table to a CSV (comma seperated values) file on your local hard drive.
DC Multi-File Upload App Logo
The multi-file upload utility allows a user to add one or more files to Quick Base using drag & drop
ShareTRAC Solutions Suite App Logo
ShareTRAC Solutions Suite
GreenBeans App Logo
The only supplier-independent system for managing Girl Scout product sales.
811TRAC Utility Management Solutions:  Expandable Utilities Infrastructure Management App Logo
811TRAC Utility Management Solution: Scalable Utility and Supplier Infrastructure Management with Intelligent GPS and Real-Time Analytics
Professional Services Automation (PSA) App Logo
PSA is software designed to assist services professionals with CRM, project management and resource management for client projects.
Amazon S3 Basic App Logo
Running out of File Attachment space? Use an alternative data storage solution integrated with your Quick Base application, Amazon S3.
Fusion App Logo
PoliOps Fusion collects data from outside sources, moves it between systems, and translates it into one clear and comprehensible language.
MobileTRAC App Logo
MobileTRAC Traveling Solutions: Extendable Quick Base Solutions
File Attach Sweep to Amazon S3 App Logo
This service tool will transfer data files stored in Quick Base File Attachment fields to cost effective storage solution, Amazon S3.
Membership Management Application App Logo
Application for managing basic membership functions in different types of organizations.
DC Encrypt App Logo
Encrypt sensitive data on a field by field basis
ConstructBase App Logo
ConstructBase is an end-to-end App for Construction. Manage your sales, projects, and customer relationships from a single cloud app.
Trend Tracker App Logo
Compare current results to previous months and years with this clear, easy to use graph
TimeTRAC App Logo
Part of the ShareTRAC Solutions Suite - TimeTRAC - Virtual GPS Time Clock - Integrated Time Punch and Analysis Solution
ControlTRAC App Logo
ControlTRAC - Fail-Safe/Fail-Over Capability with 20 GIGABYTES of Application Space Included !
FileUp+ App Logo
This simple tool allows you to add multiple documents at one time to Quick Base.
TrinitySurvey App Logo
TrinitySurvey enables teams to design their own surveys, questionnaires, audits and checklists
Google Calendar Extension App Logo
Integration between Quick Base and Google Calendar
Simple Deal Prospecting App Logo
This application is designed to help dealmakers keep track of Basic Deal Terms
Universal Service Desk App Logo
An intelligent, best-practice Service Management app: a light alternative to ServiceNow, Remedy Help/Service Desks. Customer Service use too
PDF Stamper App Logo
Starting with a fixed format PDF this add-on will "STAMP" variable data from your Quick Base table into predetermined positions in the PDF
Knowledge Management (KM) App Logo
Knowledge Management app designed to help managers manage and rate business best practices in their organization
DC Search and Add Dialog App Logo
The Search and Add Dialog Utility is designed to help prevent duplicates from being entered.
CallCenterTRAC App Logo
Simple to Use and Administer Database Auto-Dial Capability
TrinityMobile App Logo
TrinityMobile is a powerful, fully mobile, solution for Android/iOS devices that is completely integrated with Quick Base
SendToOutlook App Logo
Save calendar, contacts, tasks, and more from Quick Base into Microsoft Outlook with a single click. Free trial.
Eagleview Extension App Logo
Extension allowing you to import roof measurements from Eagleview for quoting and more. A must have for roofing companies!
Sales Management App Logo
A pre-built, customizable app. to amplify your sales talent and make every effort count.
OSHA Employee Safety Incident Reporting App App Logo
Employee Health and Safety App for Injury, Accident and Corrective Action tracking as well as OSHA injury reporting.
Symploader App Logo
The SympLoader is an easy to use drag and drop tool that allows end users to upload multiple documents at once.
DC Delete with Children App Logo
Used to delete a parent record and its related child records from a configurable number of tables.
TrinitySync App Logo
TrinitySync enables you to store and manage files on Dropbox and Box for enhanced flexibility in data storage options.
DC Credit Card Processing App Logo
DC credit card processing allows the Quick Base user to process credit card charges from within Quick Base.
DC Signature App Logo
Add this simple feature to your Quick Base forms and save the signature as an image file attached to your records.
Laboratory Information System (LIS) App Logo
Lab Information System geared toward helping start-up clinical labs.
HR Management Application App Logo
Extensive pre-built application for managing all HR activities other than payroll and benefits.
EZ File Importer App Logo
Import data from any Excel spreadsheet into Quick Base. Setup repeatable "Mappings" for columns in your files to fields in your tables
Amazon S3 Multifile App Logo
Select MULTIPLE files, relate them to a single record in your Quick Base application and store them in Amazon S3.
DC Weekly Time Card Data Entry App App Logo
Allows a user to enter a week's worth of time cards on a single dialog.
TrinityAuditLogger App Logo
TrinityAuditLogger is one of the most advanced and full featured record and field loggers for Quick Base
Non-Profit Management App Logo
The most functionally extensive non-profit management app available - let alone online. Pricing drastically below any competitive offering.
Homeowner Association Managment App Logo
Application for managing most of the functions for homeowner associations.
TrainTRAC App Logo
TrainTRAC - Training Management Solutions
Time Cards App Logo
Enter time worked on multiple projects over many days from a single sreen. Add expenses or notes and route for approval.
Dashboards App Logo
Creates dashboard with graphics, news alerts, scrolling text, personalized messages, complex charts and other elements.
Event Management App Logo
An application that allows one to plan and execute a company event.
QTimesheet App Logo
QTimesheet allows your team to enter their time into QuickBase via an intuitive interface embedded directly in your QuickBase app.
Financial indicators App Logo
Pull data from S&P, NASDAQ and other data feeds into your app
SympTegrate App Logo
Tie all of your data together with custom integrations.
Invoice Managment App Logo
Collect invoices. Route for electronic approval. Track expense against budget. Real-time updates on actual v. budgeted spend.
Scheduling App Logo
Want to use Quick Base to schedule rooms, assets or people? This calendar is easy-to-use and prevents double booking.
Study Site Manager App Logo
Manage contractual, financial and patient enrollment data from a single app. Simplify invoicing and ensure your site is paid in full.
Route Planner App Logo
Need to assign truck routes OR house calls? This add-on shows sites and lets you create logical routs
Performance Review Managment App Logo
Pre-built, ready to use application to track performance reviews through automated transactions.
AWS + QuickBase App Logo
Integrate Quick Base with Amazon products such as S3 and Redshift
Financial Forecasting App Logo
Input financial goals. Tally progress toward goals. Built-in tools to track forecast and compare budget, forecast and actuals
Parish Management App Logo
A functionally extensive solution to managing most aspects of your parish family.
Resource Allocation App Logo
Make the most of your talent and get bird’s eye view of what your staff is doing. Simply drag and drop people or teams as needed.
Watkyn Barcode Scanner App Logo
With Watkyn Barcode Scanner, you can use your mobile device’s camera to scan QR, Data Matrix, Code 39, Code 128, and vehicle VIN barcodes.
.pdf Generator App Logo
Recreate any .pdf form in Quick Base; complete the form with Quick Base data in a single click
Volunteer Management App Logo
This application enables organizations to manage basic volunteer activities.
TrinityLabel App Logo
Print barcode labels directly from your Quick Base application
peakSUITE | Echo App Logo
peakSUITE | Echo allows you to post news and keep your employees, contacts, and customers updated and interacting in a fun and simple way.
Document Parsing App Logo
Still re-typing data from .pdfs into Excel?
peakSUITE | Trailhead App Logo
peakSUITE | Trailhead is a simple, easy to use tool for internal project management and client-facing initiatives.
Resource Management Suite App Logo
A drag & drop suite of efficiency and capacity modules.
SympSign App Logo
Capture digital signatures in a snap with SympSign.
QuNect SQL App Logo
QuNect SQL builds SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, CREATE TABLE, ALTER TABLE and DROP TABLE statements with the press of a button.
Clinical Trials.gov App Logo
Integrate data from ClinicalTrials.gov into your apps
SympAllocation App Logo
With our Resource Allocator Module easily see how each department or an individual resource is spending their time.
TrinityMaps App Logo
Add mapping integration to your Quick Base apps with TrinityMaps
Project Master Suite App Logo
A pre-built, customizable app. to manage customers, projects, tasks, staff, time tracking and expenses—from anywhere at anytime.
TrinityMultiFileUploader App Logo
Enables the ability for your users to upload to a Quick Base record multiple files at one time.
QuNect Razor App Logo
A swiss army knife for tweaking QuickBase applications.
Docusign + QuickBase App Logo
Send documents from Quick Base to DocuSign in a few clicks. View status from DocuSign within Quick Base.
Conference Management App Logo
Application for managing the functions of organizing and running a full scale conference.
Microbrewery Production & Inventory Management App Logo
A solution to track brewery production, inventory and sales.
peakSUITE | Basecamp App Logo
Keep your workforce productive and connected while working remotely with easy to use tools for managers and employees.
TrinityGridEdit App Logo
TrinityGridEdit enables full custom grid edit capabilities beyond native Quick Base grid edit
SympUtilization App Logo
Resource Utilization visibility at a glace.
Watkyn Signature Pad App Logo
Watkyn Signature Pad lets you add a signature area to your form. With a finger or stylus users can sign a form and store it in the record.
SympForms App Logo
Custom HTML Forms that can be used for date entry or display.
SympAnywhere App Logo
Hold the power of Quick Base in your hand!
peakSUITE | APEX CRM App Logo
peakSUITE APEX CRM tracks sales leads, activities, and follow-ups to ensure you never miss out on a business opportunity!
Quandary | Connect App Logo
Quandary | Connect, the leader in all integrations. Utilizing Pipelines or other API's to streamline workflows and increase efficiency
QuNect Restore App Logo
Restore data and file attachments backed up by QuNect Backup.
Governance Management App Logo
This application enables tracking of stages in program/project governance dispositions processes.
Access Converter App Logo
Move your data from MS Access to CloudBase without missing a sale
QuNect Copy App Logo
QuNect Copy copies records including their file attachments from one table to another.
eSignature App Logo
Collect signatures from an phone, tablet or desktop. View and store signatures within Quick Base."
Nonprofit Grant Management App Logo
Solution to track your grant cycle from research to applications and final grant reward.
TrinitySignature App Logo
Add digital signature capture to your Quick Base applications and workflows with TrinitySignature
peakSUITE App Logo
peakSUITE is a modular application suite to take businesses to the next level. Functionality for CRM, Project Management, Finance, and More!
SympTime App Logo
Enter your time for the entire week all within one custom and fully branded UI!
SympScheduler App Logo
Scheduler gives you the power to easily assign projects or tasks to resources with a click!
peakSUITE | Compass App Logo
peakSUITE Compass is a custom-built mapping tool within Quick Base.
TrinityWeather App Logo
Capture the weather automatically into your Quick Base app for jobs / projects that need to track it
peakSUITE | Multi File Uploader App Logo
The peakSUITE | Multi File Uploader is a upload tool that allows a user to select multiple documents at a time and upload to a record.
CRM for Quick Base App Logo
Lightweight CRM system, meant to be an easy to use customer management tool
Triggers for Quick Base App Logo
Event handling for Quick Base! Add/Update/Delete data from any table based upon an event that takes place within your application.
Signatures for Quick Base App Logo
Electronically Sign Quick Base records and store the captured signature image in a file attachment field.
Power BI + Quick Base App Logo
See and understand data in minutes with interactive analytics and visuals based on your data
Trifacta + Quick Base App Logo
Need to wrangle your data? Trifacta removes duplicates, cleans and transforms .
Quick Base + Salesforce Combo App Logo
Use Quick Base and Salesforce? Or need to move between platforms? CloudBase can help.
Microsoft Power BI + Quick Base App Logo
Apply your Quick Base data of choice and visualize company performance like never before.
Text to Quick Base App Logo
Interact with your Quick Base application simply by sending a text msg. Add/Update/Delete data from any mobile device that you can text from
Portals for Quick Base App Logo
Add a custom portal to make Quick Base fit your brand
Maps for Quick Base App Logo
Map more than a single location from your application on a Google Map, use Maps for Quick Base for more advanced Google Maps integration.
Documentor for Quick Base App Logo
Create detailed documentation for your Quick Base application(s) using our Documentor for Quick Base tool.
Scheduler for Quick Base App Logo
Enhanced calendaring capabilities for your Quick Base application. Multiple views-Day/Week/Month. Drag and Drop editing of entries and more.
Google Calendar for Quick Base App Logo
Integrate your Quick Base database in real-time with Google Calendar to track Appointments, Tasks, and Activities.
Tableau + Quick Base App Logo
See and understand data in minutes with interactive analytics and visuals based on your data
Zip Codes + Quick Base App Logo
Access a complete list of US Zip codes. along with each zip code's city and state
SmartEmailReminder for Quick Base App Logo
Automatically send formatted email messages from Quick Base to any email address based on date and criteria with Quick Base fields included.
DC Quick Base and QuickBooks Integration App Logo
Seamlessly integrate Quick Base and QuickBooks with this application, which provides a powerful project management and data entry solution.
Google Translate + Quick Base App Logo
Type in one language; read in another
Easy Insight for Quick Base App Logo
Next level of Dashboarding, Data Visualization and Business Intelligence for Quick Base. Highly integrated. www.easy-insight.com
DC Merge for Quick Base App Logo
Generate Microsoft Word mail merge documents and Excel reports from your Quick Base data with this handy application.
Excel + Quick Base App Logo
Add mini-Excel sheets into Quick Base forms
DropBox + Quick Base App Logo
Drag'n'drop files into DropBox. Label them by project. Retrieve them from QuickBase.
VARC CRM Starter App App Logo
CRM application, ready to connect to QuickBooks through Q2QConnect. Manage clients, proposals, invoices, POs, time, projects, and tasks.
VARCBase Practice Management App Logo
VARCBase Practice Management is a fully-customizable CRM solution, perfect for QuickBooks ProAdvisors/bookkeepers, consultants, and IT MSPs.
peakSUITE Document Generator App Logo
The document generator is a tool for adding data from a system such as Quickbase, to a base template.
Smart Payroll App Logo
Gestión automatizada de su nómina
Smart Real Estate App Logo
Un software especializado que le permitirá optimizar sus ventas inmobiliarias
Smart Crop App Logo
Smart Crop le permitirá tener un mejor y mayor control sobre todo el ciclo de su cultivo
Smart Car App Logo
CRM para negocio automotriz, seguimiento de oportunidades y desempeño del negocio
Smart Development App Logo
Software flexible para construcción y desarrollo inmobiliario
Smart Websites App Logo
Sitios web sin código, diseños a la medida, SEO automático y mantenimiento constante
TrinityAppointment App Logo
Enable customers to schedule appointments with your team
QTranslate App Logo
QTranslate allows teams to collaborate in over 80 languages in any Quick Base app
JuicedSign App Logo
The Only Electronic Signature Solution Designed Specifically for Quickbase