JuicedSign allows you to Send, Sign, Manage and Track documents that need E-Signature approval right from within your Quickbase application. Designed with Quickbase in mind,
JuicedSign provides real time updates at each stage of the approval process, removing the need to leave your application to keep tabs on the status of your pending agreements.

  • Single and/or Multiple Signers
  • Control approval workflow;  who receives the document for signature and in what order.
  • Fully Signed documents are saved back to Quickbase
  • Familiar User Interface for your end users
  • Return data entered by Signers back to Quickbase
  • Pipelines are NOT required
  • Return a Certificate of Agreement that details the approval process for each transaction and each signer
  • Secure and Legally Binding
  • Integrates seemlessly with our Document Generation add-ons; Exact Forms Plus, PDF Stamper and XL Docs

DEMO it here...https://juicedtech.quickbase.com/db/bswppd4qr


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