VARC Solutions has developed the only Quick Base to QuickBooks Integration tool that easily syncs customers, items, estimates, invoices, bills, and more between Quick Base and QuickBooks! Q2QConnect connects Quick Base to QuickBooks Desktop (Pro, Premier or Enterprise) providing end-to-end workflow management without the hassle of double work or costly mistakes when copying data. Q2QConnect is also compatible with Cloud-Hosted versions of QuickBooks Desktop (Pro, Premier, or Enterprise Solutions). And while Q2QConnect doesn't integrate with QuickBooks Online, we do perform integrations with QuickBooks Online using best-in-class cloud tools. If you're looking for a partner that's an expert on both Quick Base AND QuickBooks, look no further!

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Reviews for Q2QConnect

Q2QConnect Has Cut Invoicing Time by 50%

Connecting Quick Base with QuickBooks through Q2QConnect has cut our invoicing time by 50%! We can now take that time and devote it to other valuable work.

Rachelle Cunningham
Controlled Release Technologies
December 1, 2020

Jush Push a Button To Sync Data to QuickBooks

Using Q2QConnect has been pretty darn fluid. Using QuickBooks with Quick Base has been a night and day difference with accounting. This has allowed our team to focus on more impactful work and has kept Ready Cable from having to expand the team to keep up with the work. One of the members of our Billing team that handles one of our largest customer accounts, used to manually re-enter orders all day long. Now, she is thrilled to just push a button and have a stack of invoices suddenly appear that used to take 2 hours of manual data entry.

Brad Lemke
Ready Cable
November 25, 2020

Syncing Hundreds of Invoices in Minutes - No Prior QuickBooks Knowledge Needed

As a developer/integrator who had zero knowledge about QuickBooks when I approached VARC Solutions, Q2QConnect is set up in such a way that I didn’t need to have years of experience with QuickBooks in order to make this tool work miracles for us. Their installation guide and manual is very well documented, something I confidently relied on for clarification throughout setup and testing. We’re now able to process through thousands of line items across hundreds of invoices in a matter of minutes at the push of a button – all without any errors, typos, or omissions.

Brad Lemke
Ready Cable Inc.
September 15, 2020

Quick Base and QuickBooks via Q2Q Connect . . . like peas and carrots!

Q2Q makes my job easy. It takes all the great data that resides in Quick Base and allows us to magically send it all to QuickBooks with a couple clicks of the mouse. We're able to onboard our new employees through our employee hiring portal in QuickBase and sync over most of that data directly into QuickBooks to create our employee records. Once onboarded, we also employ Q2Q to send over approved timecards and invoices making corporate payroll a breeze and saves me hundreds of hours a year. I couldn't be happier with Q2Q connect!

Aaron Zielinski, Director of Finance and Corporate Controller
January 12, 2018

Q2QConnect Helped Significantly Reduce Errors

As our business has grown, we have been able to keep our internal staff at the same size partly due to Q2QConnect. It has saved us from having to hire additional employees. We are able to have multiple people enter items into QuickBase, and have our accounting department open up Q2Q to push the invoices into QuickBooks. Q2Q has eliminated double entry and significantly reduced the chance for human error.

Scott Speed
Speed Industrial Supply
October 6, 2016