XL Docs

Works much in the same way Exact Forms Plus works with MS Word. Use your own Excel template defined as you need and embed data into as many cells, rows and worksheets as you require.


  • Upload your Excel templates, define where the information goes in the workbook, and where it comes from in Quick Base and you're ready to create a very specific custom formatted Excel workbook
  • Configure your data to come from one or many tables
  • Embed subtables of information if needed

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Reviews for XL Docs

XL Docs is a big time saver!

Before XL Docs, we would prepare multi-tabbed .xls sheets for a large number of clients every week. That required downloading csv's from QB, assembling into workbooks, totaling, formatting, conditional fields, etc. This 10-15 minute exercise - per report - has now been reduced to 10-15 SECONDS! So now we are able to prepare all reports, with a consistent format, in the same time it formerly took to prepare just one. Thank you Juiced - we can't wait to see what's next!

Bob Sturgeon
Solar Mosaic
June 30, 2016