What is peakSUITE?


peakSUITE is a cloud-based business management platform designed to automate the entire business process. It eliminates repetitive data entry tasks, providing actionable insight you can use to optimize productivity across your entire enterprise.

Flexible unified operations management tools with a rich list of features built-in increases operational efficiency, improves worker productivity, and provides greater business agility.

Tiered product lines allow you to choose the most essential features for your business, providing the best value to boost your bottom line.


Why peakSUITE?


Repetitive tasks waste time and reduce ROI: peakSUITE eliminates tedious data-entry and auditing that slows down the production process.

Failures in collaboration between departments and teams create unnecessary errors and conflicts: peakSUITE connects employees across divisions to prevent conflicts, keeping them apprised at every stage. This ensures maximum productivity and minimal waste.

Without tracking and documentation of customer and partner interactions, businesses miss out on actionable insight: peakSUITE aggregates data from all your teams and processes it into a reporting structure for leadership to convert analytics into action.


Tools to support businesses of any size. From organizing and managing a single department’s operations to company-wide, automated employee, sales, or customer management systems, peakSUITE is your portal to easier, more efficient operations.

Business Management

  • Human Resources
  • Employee Management
  • Scheduling
  • Equipment Tracking
  • Project Management

Customer Relations, Sales and Marketing

  • Lead Management
  • Sales Processing
  • Digital Marketing Management and Analytics
  • Service and Support Communication and Appointment Management


  • Invoicing
  • Inventory Management
  • Resource Forecasting
  • Finance and Accounting


Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners want to invest in growth initiatives, not expensive IT and programming efforts that force you to take unnecessary risks.

peakSUITE provides an existing platform that can be tailored to your immediate business needs and customized for your company’s current and forecasted sales or services. All without the high cost of hiring programmers and IT specialists to build and manage a new system.

New and established companies need high-quality solutions that utilize the latest technology without a resource-intensive onboarding process.

peakSUITE applications are premium instruments designed to help your organization operate at maximum efficiency. Fully integrate with your existing systems and experience developer- side support with system management already built-in. That means you won’t be forced to halt initiatives and lose precious time training your team on system maintenance.

Businesses waste $5 trillion on repetitive data-entry tasks annually. The average worker wastes 69 hours a year on tedious tasks (“IT Chronicles”, Kirstie Magowan, 2017)

How much waste exists in your company? Every time an employee hunts down a document, exports a spreadsheet, or manually collates sales and hiring data, it weakens your bottom line.

peakSUITE Applications provide real, measurable increases in productivity. Ensure every hour of labor goes toward making your company grow. Think productive. Not busy.

peakSUITE eliminates repetitive tasks that steal hours, days and even weeks when done manually. Reclaim valuable time for your staff. | (720) 739-1406 | [email protected]

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