Courier for Quick Base

Courier for Quick Base
Enhanced Functionality provided by Courier includes:

Email Notifications

  • Send emails with file(s) attached to them
  • Control the "FROM" address of the email message. Use an email address from each record being processed or use a generic email address for all records being processed.
  • Send emails from your own mail server.
  • Schedule email messages to be sent on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
  • Send an email "on demand", with a click of a button you can send your email messages without waiting for the overnight process to run
  • Include related data in a subtable report with advanced control of styling 
  • Send reminders to NON Quick Base users.
  • Include "CC" and "BCC" email addresses for all reminders.
  • Customize the message subject and body to include fields from your Quick Base records(s).
  • Include file attachments with your reminder messages, use a file from each record and/or include additional generic files.
Execution Options
  • Triggered execution will run based on a "change" event in Quick Base. A Quick Base email notification is designed in your application to fire when a record is added/updated/deleted which will then initiate the QB Courier process to be executed.
  • On-Demand execution will run an email "campaign" whenever you want, with a click of a button. Create a report in your application to filter the records you want to receive the email message. Click a button to execute that email campaign "On-Demand".
  • Scheduled execution will run an email "campaign" on a scheduled basis; daily, weekly, monthly. This option can run reminder type notifications as well. Similar to On-Demand, create a report to filter the records but instead of clicking a button to execute, set up a schedule for it to run.

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Reviews for Courier for Quick Base

Add-On Plus!

Courier for QuickBase has proven to be the perfect interface for us to marry our back end data with client-facing communication. It allows is to manage our workflow while elegantly maintaining the 'conversation' with our clients that is so critical to us. Everyone at Juiced Technologies has been open, receptive and proactive to our requirements. Of particular note is Christine. She has fielded every one of our ongoing requests for help (and adjustments) and has really taken ownership of our needs and has seen them to fruition. These folks are the best and well done, Christine!

Greg D
November 18, 2015