PoliOps Fusion collects data from outside sources, moves it between systems, and translates it into one clear and comprehensible language. The ability to effectively utilize your data is key to success in any field. The data challenge of today is no longer data collection – it’s combining and analyzing the data you already have. We solve client data problems by understanding a client’s needs, analyzing the data challenge, and then putting Fusion to work. Out of the box, Fusion can provide for most of your organizational needs. If not, we can build a custom data process. Because custom solutions rest on the existing Fusion foundation, the cost is less for you. When Fusion grabs data, it takes into account both the data transfer method as well as the data type. The data transfer method defines how Fusion moves the data, while the data type defines the format of the transferred data. Transfer Methods -SFTP -FTP -Web Pages -Mail Servers -API Services File Types -CSV -TSV -Web Tables -Structured Data -Google Spreadsheets

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